Saturday, March 31, 2018

This CIA-Linked Spy Plane Is Looking For Ships That Are Busting North Korean Sanctions

Warzone/The Drive: Shadowy CIA-Linked Spy Plane May Be Scouring The Sea For North Korean Sanction Busting

Since February 2018, the essentially unmarked surveillance aircraft has been flying orbits over the East China Sea between North Korea and China.

For weeks now, plane spotters on the ground and those using online flight tracking software have watched the curious activities of a highly modified and effectively unmarked de Havilland Canada Dash-8 surveillance plane as it flies missions from U.S. Air Force bases in Japan. It’s not clear who is operating the aircraft or what it’s doing, but it is reportedly tied to the CIA, and from the plane’s routes and overall configuration, it may be involved in enforcing sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear weapons and missile programs.

The aircraft, which carries the U.S. civil registration code N599XQ, but it otherwise overall white in color, first began appearing in Japan at Yokota Air Base outside of Tokyo in February 2018. It has since flown out of Kadena Air Base further south on the island of Okinawa, as well, primarily into the East China Sea. Units assigned to Pacific Air Forces, or PACAF, the Air Force’s top command for operations in the Pacific theater, manage operations at both of the bases.

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WNU editor: The technology behind these planes must be very impressive .... and they have been busy .... UN blacklists dozens of ships and companies for North Korean smuggling operations (Business Insider/Reuters)


Anonymous said...

Is this sanction a blockade (which as i understand it banning ships from reach NK coastline ) ? If so then dose this mean it is act of war ?

B.Poster said...

"dose this mean an act of war?" I think you mean "does." With that said I would say that yes it is an act of war. North Korea has threatened to destroy the United States for many, many years. I would say this constitutes an act of war as well.

With that said in the US Congress is supposed to declare war. This would make this an undeclared war. For Congress to actually declare war, a public debate would need to be undertaken. Thus far the messaging the American people have received is an underestimation of the threat posed to America by North Korea along with an overestimation of American military capabilities at dealing with this threat.

A true and honest debate would reveal the facts of this situation. the likely results of this would likely be 1.)cut South Korea loose as they are deadweight to America to America and our national security, 2.)with South Korea FINALLY cut loose like the "monkey on our backs" that they are we now have more flexibility to pursue military operations without having to concern ourselves with these users and abusers of America, 3.)with the "threat" of a "western" army on its doorstep removed China is likely much more willing to be accommodating in negotiations, and 4.)this problem becomes much easier to solve.

Furthermore I would add the US saves around 1.5 billion a year and is relieved of a burden to an ungrateful wretch and it has the potential to help us in our relations with China, one of the world's most important countries. Huge upside potential combined with little to no downside risk. A master dealmaker/negotiator like POTUS probably understands this.

During the campaign candidate Trump correctly called these people out. I suspect that is one of the reasons why negotiations have progressed to the point they have. The message was sent loud and clear that American willingness to tolerate their abuse of us was not something they could take for granted as they have for decades. As such, they figured that perhaps they best make a serious effort at peace themselves!!

Part of any final resolution will obviously have to mean the end of the US military deployment to South Korea I am sure it is. Such an outcome not only allows us to end our national humiliation here but it also offers the opportunity for better long range relations between the US and South Korea.

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