Saturday, March 31, 2018

Turkish Media Have Published A Map Of French Military Positions In Syria

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France 24: Turkey's Anadolu news agency publishes map of French military positions in Syria

A map reportedly detailing the location of French military bases in northern Syria was published Friday by Turkish press agency Anadolu, a day after French President Emmanuel Macron assured the Syrian Democratic Forces of France’s support.

The visit by Syrian Kurdish representatives to the French presidential palace on Thursday was watched closely by the Turkish government who were anything but happy.

A map purportedly showing French military positions in Syria published by Turkey's state-run Anadolu news agency on its website Friday could be seen as a direct response to Thursday's visit.

The five military bases are believed to be mostly located in the north of the country in regions controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces. According to Anadolu, close to 70 French soldiers may currently be operating in the northeast of Syria.

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WNU Editor: The link (in english) to the story from Turkey's Anadolu news agency that published this map is here .... French military cooperating with YPG/PKK terrorists (Anadolu Agency). When one considers how accurate the map is, it is obvious that the Turkish military and/or intelligence agency provided it, and with the A-OK of Turkish President Erdogan's office. as to the rason why .... the Turkish government is clearly still steamed about this .... France Offers To Mediate Turkey-Kurdish SDF Talks, Turkey Warns France Could Become A 'Target' For Backing The Kurds (March 30, 2018), and they have now painted a big bulls-eye on the French forces in northern Syria.


Unknown said...

I trust the sincerity of the self cockolded French President, since America's or the West ox isn't being gored. He would be non-partisan.

Erdogan should have took the proffered mediation, but he can't, because he cannot betray his DNA. He is a chauvinist.

Anonymous said...

France want a seat at the table and a return to the pervious coloniy something turkey will make sure it didn't
Happened , with US pulling back and Russia following , Turkey and Iran will set the terms .

Unknown said...

"France want a seat at the table and a return to the pervious coloniy something":

That was a full of shit comment and you know it.

How drunk where you when you wrote it?

Anonymous said...

France policy in Mideast is Centred a round Lebanon and Syria
With the first one being member of francophone Organisation and the second refused joining
Since 2011 Syrian revolution France called for Assad to step down and supported opposition force non military .
So not drunk just someone his head not up his a##.

Unknown said...

Not Drunk?

"pervious coloniy something"

I am sure Lavender boy is intent on conquering Syria to add it to the Francophone world.

Perhaps you could call George Noory at 1 AM eastern time.