Monday, April 30, 2018

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Gives Statement On Iran Nuclear Deal

WNU Editor: Iran has a security problem in keeping its secrets. This is far more than what I expected. Supporters of the Iranian nuclear deal will say that this is old stuff .... that Iran has changed, and this evidence no longer applies. I hope they are right.

Update: President Trump has already responded to Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech .... says he has always been right when it comes to Iran.

Update #2: As I had predicted .... Netanyahu's Bizarre PowerPoint Presentation on Iran: Israel’s leader says Iran cheated on the nuclear deal, adding doubts about the agreement’s survival. But he mostly described past programs. (The Atlantic)

Daily Mail: Iran's secret nuclear weapons program revealed by Netanyahu: Israeli prime minister presents documents that 'prove Tehran has been hiding its A-bomb ambitions from the world'

* Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a nationally televised address on Monday
* Premier said Israel recently uncovered 55,000 documents and 183 CDs of information from Iran's 'nuclear archives'
* The documents prove that Iran has maintained a secret nuclear weapons program in violation of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, Netanyahu says
* Netanyahu says the documents were moved to a 'highly secret' location in Tehran after the nuclear deal was signed
* Israel is urging Trump administration to withdraw from nuclear deal when issue comes up for a decision in 12 days

Israel's prime minister says that his intelligence services have obtained documents proving that Iran has maintained a secret nuclear program in violation of a landmark agreement Tehran reached with the West.

Benjamin Netanyahu gave a televised address on Monday evening during which he presented documents allegedly stolen from inside Iran.

'Iran’s leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons,' said Netanyahu during a prime-time televised address carried by Israeli networks.

'Tonight I’m here to tell you one thing: Iran lied.'

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Anonymous said...

Lol. Hopefully he brings another cartoon bomb prop to the podium like he did at the UN a few years back.

In his 1995 book, he said Iran would have a bomb in "three to five years" time.

In 2009 he claimed Iran was two years, possibly less, away. What a crooked fraud.

I'm sure he also has fine bridge in Brooklyn he's willing to sell, and cheap!

But hey, let's start another war in Asia. Number three, or four; I can't remember, I've lost track of America's dumb land wars on that continent. I'm sure this one will work out great!

fred said...

No one is starting another war. Bibi is trying to con vince Trump to dump the Iran deal. My view: our intel has to go over everything that Bibi claims shows Iran not adhering to the treaty. Not you. Not me. Can decide on the material presented. Not by chance that Bibi did not slip this to our intel but rather went public to convince the American public that we should dump the treaty. Again, snark does not help but a careful evaluation of what is presented might reder some worthwhile information, for better or not

Anonymous said...

Ok. Evidence please that Iran is not complying. French, German, UK the Russians and Chinese intel are keeping tabs.

Persians aren't dumb, I think they figured out decades ago that the benefits of nukes are outweighed by the cost. If they really wanted nukes they would have them by now, but they don't.

fred said...

I do not evidence nor do you anon
That is why experts need go over what bibi claims to discover if he is right or wrong

Anonymous said...

For a quarter century, the Israelis have told us that Iran is only a year or two away from atomic weapons. Every year, it's the same story about the Iranian boogeyman: "They're almost ready! Bomb them America, or they'll kill us all!" For twenty five freaking years, the same lies.

Meanwhile, Israel has 150 or more undeclared nukes, half of them pointed at Europe. Lots of them, made from fissile material stolen from the USA. And unlike Iran, Israel has regularly threatened to use WMDs as a 'Sampson Option' to holocaust tens of millions of Europeans if Israel should ever lose a major war: "If we lose, we burn the Europeans in a sea of fire. So back us up, you animals."

And I'm supposed to worry about the Iranians? Those people who haven't invaded another country in 300 years? Hah! The Iranians have never – not once – threatened to launch nukes, or any other kinds of WMDs, at my home country? I don't think so.

The Israelis? Oh, they threatened my nation, alright... So by Netanyhu's own warped standards, surely it's time to launch a preventive war against the rogue, international law-breaking, nuclear-armed state of Israel?

Caecus said...

Actually, the second most hated country by the Mullahs is the USA, as the popular "Death to America" chant shows, the Iranians have supported both Shiite and Sunni terrorist attacks against the US, regularely boast about their ability and intent to kill Americans, burn American flags and use mock-up US carriers for target practice, and of and when they get an ICBM that can reach the US they certainly will have it aimed there too.

fred said...

Simon now knows where Israeli nukes are aimed
Ah in direction of Europe
And nukes other nations have are aimed where?

fazman said...

Then open military bases for inspection