Monday, April 30, 2018

South Korean President: President Trump Deserves To Get The Nobel Peace Prize For His Work On North Korea

Presidents Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in in November. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Business Insider: South Korea's president calls for Trump to get the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on North Korea

* President Trump should win a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end a standoff with North Korea over nuclear weapons, according to South Korea's president.
* Moon Jae-in said Monday: "President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. What we need is only peace."
* Trump threatened war with North Korea several times and pushed harsh sanctions on the country after its nuclear and missile tests.
* Moon thinks that hardline move could have tipped the balance toward a deal.

President Donald Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear-weapons program, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Monday.

"President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. What we need is only peace," Moon told a cabinet meeting, according to a media release.

Moon met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday, where the pair pledged to end hostilities and work toward the "complete denuclearization" at the first inter-Korean summit since 2007.

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Update #1: Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says South Korea's Moon -- CNBC
Update #2: Trump Should Get Nobel Prize, South Korean Leader Says -- Wall Street Journal

WNU Editor: As I had mentioned in a previous post .... it is waaaayyyy too early to think about who gets a Nobel Prize or not. But the South Korean President's remarks does tell me one thing .... behind the scenes President Trump probably played a far greater role in getting North Korea to the negotiating table than what we have been told. Afterall .... President Moon did try last year to get Kim Jong-Un to the negotiating table, and he failed miserably. It was only when the White House made it a priority at the end of 2017 to push for the imposition of real and serious sanctions that North Korea responded to President Moon's invitation to the Olympics .... thereby leading to last week's summit. As to my own personal opinion ... if everything does work out and the process of reconciliation and peace on the Korean peninsula does occur .... the Nobel Peace Prize sould be given to Trump, Xi, Moon, and Kim.


Anonymous said...

The true behind the scene story to this historic meetings with Kim will be fascinating reading regardless the ending.
Trump is a man of leverage, we all know that, so we have to assume he got it over Kim. Under that assumption the leverage might be with China or it might be with others caught up in Kim's vast criminal conspiracies. Would I put black mail past President Trump? Not at all. Xi, Putin, Merkel might all be up to their eyebrows with dirty dealings with Kim and motivated to pressure Kim.

Matthew Putnam said...

Obama basically received it for being a black president, and the institution that awards it is certainly one of the international liberal institutions mainly comprised of leftists who wouldn't dare hand out the award objectively based on merit over politics.

Anonymous said...

Give it to Hillary, she's the real winner!

Unknown said...

What do Merkel, Macron, Theresa May & Gentiloni all have in common aside from being the leaders of their countries?

You have to wonder about such people.

Unknown said...

What Matthew said.

I would like to add the Nobel Institution also turned a blind eye to sexual assault for decades.

Unknown said...

I would hold off on awarding the prize until the bombs get dismantled.

The Nobel institution has to get some standards and morality back after gratuitously handing Obama medal for showing up.

fred said...

First let us see if nukes all given up
If so I don’t care who gets a prize so long as no nukes in North Korean hands

Unknown said...

What you said is almost true.

You are quick to defend no account Obama

There should be 6 to 20 nukes by some estimates.

Some material was used up in testing. Some was given to the Iranians. The Iranians funded some of it and they certainly sent their scientists there.

Young Communist said...

The expression Kim made when meet Pompeo o other enemies is not the same when he meet Moon. In that historical encounter Kim is happy like a child in a party. Also Moon is very pleased.

I do not know if is happy for a good compromise for both nations or the assurances only for himself and his power, but I don't think Trump or the hawks on his administration are so pleased for that conclusion. Unless Kim really trust on USA promises, that for me is better trust a cobra in your pants.

USA has got too much Nobel Prizes for peace to be the most warmongering nations on world (and too few Literature Nobel, to be honest).

China also sure has played a role, but the future of Korea is for real in the hands of Koreans. Any reunions deserve a model mix of both or many years if one side don't want become slave of the other.

Denuclearization may mean vary things, even for USA bases in SK.

We look for the future.

Unknown said...


You do not know what War is.

Did you know the French gave some of their soldiers the expressed, the explicit, permission, to rape Italian women as part of their duties during WW2? I bet you do not think ill of the French like you do the Americans.

America has as many was as allies that attacked or if it is attacked. Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq attacked as or our allies. It is a simple concept. You should try to get your head around it.

Unknown said...


America has as many wars ...

B.Poster said...

"I bet you don't ill of the French like you do the Americans." Probably not. America isn't any better or worse than any other country. Analysis that can be sunmed up soley by "America=bad, America's enemies=good" are overly simplistic and are unhelpful when trying to formulate solutions to real world problems.

Bob Huntley said...

Smith. It sounds as if you don't know about this?

Unknown said...

Bob, Huntly,

Poor blighter you cannot read.

1) The French law for rape was official government policy.
2) American GIs received capital punishment for rape.
3) If you would have read, you might wonder about the statistics such as the clearance rate in solving the crimes. How many rapes were committed by the French and blamed on the Americans.

There were more French collaborators than there were French in the Resistance.

4) I expected you to add another angle because I know a tude like you is good for it.

5) I know an American couple that visited that region and got to know some of the locals. There was no problem with the couple being American. There was a problem with one of them being a naturalized American.

6) I have visited the region just south of their, south of St. Malo. They be racist. They be racist although you spoke fluent French.

BTW have you propose to you longtime GF or are you going to keep her on the dole?

Unknown said...


It sounds as if you don't know about this?

With France it was official policy.

"French troops took part in the invasion of Germany, and France was assigned an occupation zone in Germany. Perry Biddiscombe quotes the original survey estimates that the French for instance committed "385 rapes in the Constance area; 600 in Bruchsal; and 500 in Freudenstadt."[59] French soldiers were alleged to have committed widespread rape in the Höfingen District near Leonberg.[60] Katz and Kaiser,[61] though they mention rape, found no specific occurrences in either Höfingen or Leonberg compared to other towns.

According to Norman Naimark, French Moroccan troops matched the behaviour of Soviet troops when it came to rape, in particular in the early occupation of Baden and Württemberg, provided the numbers are correct'

Unknown said...