Monday, April 30, 2018

War Of Words Escalating Between Israel And Russia

An S-300 air defense missile system launches a missile. Photo: Reuters/Maxim Shemetov

Asia Times: Israel threatens to strike Russian air defense systems headed to Syria

If the anti-aircraft equipment is attacked, there will be ‘catastrophic consequences,’ warns Moscow

There is no shortage of reasons to be concerned about the entangled drama unfolding in Syria, as Russia maneuvers on a shifting landscape that could see Israel and Iran collide in a direct confrontation.

Commentary in The Wall Street Journal on Monday urged caution on the part of Moscow, arguing that Russia has already nudged the regional arch-enemies closer to war. A recent Israeli strike on a base in Syria that killed seven Iranians, including four Quds Force officers, might have been swept under the rug by Iran, according to the author Dennis Ross, but Russia’s decision to call out Israel for the strike has forced Iran’s hand, increasing the likelihood of retaliation to save face.

Against this backdrop, Israel is warning Russia that air defense systems to be delivered to Syria will be in the Israeli air force’s crosshairs. Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed reports this week that it planned to send Russian S-300 defense systems to the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, prompting a response from Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

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WNU Editor: Russian efforts to act as a mediator in the Middle East are not working .... and they have failed in trying to defuse tensions that have been ongoing for decades. In fact .... a case can now be made that they are making the situation worse. Am I surprised .... no. While Syria will try to accomodate Russian interests, Iran will not. And right now Iran is determined to be the dominant player in the Middle East .... whether the Russians like it or not. The problem is that the Russians now find themselves between Israel and Iran/Syria ..... a definite no-win situation for Moscow.


Roger Smith said...

Putin is getting stuck. What was that Southern story about a tar baby? Uncle Remus or something? Ya gotta remember this was 65 years or so ago and I may be a bit short on details.
Watching how Putin responds to Israel's straight talk is getting to be interesting. It doesn't give him much wiggle room. They don't use Obama-speak.


jac said...

The Middle East situation is to be going worse and worse and I have difficulties to see a good end.

fred said...

Where is trump to step in and stop this?

fazman said...

He is , he's practically said he's got Israel's back in a hot war, and after bennys speech ripping up the 2015 agreement is pretty much done.

fred said...

Yes but trump says we need russian friendship so he should be peacemaker in this issue

B.Poster said...


Do you think the US has the support of "allies" such as Germany, France, and the UK to "rip up" this agreement? It seems obvious that the agreement has flaws. Unfortunately without the support of "allies" to change it and the willingness of Russia and China to, at a minimum, look the other way we are stuck with it and will have to work within it to get the best result we can. Do you think such support exists?

Clearly Trump seems to be despised in western Europe. An America who insists upon being treated as an equal to them and not as their chump is obviously going to be an irritant to them and even a huge problem. Perhaps they've agreed in private to support a modification to the agreement.

Perhaps DJT doesn't need to "stop this." If Russia is "stuck" why not leave them there? At least this is what DJT will likely think. For better or worse, he has been far tougher on Russia than any US president. If Russia is "stuck" and the ME goes up in flames, America with fracking is in a position to become the go to country for oil in the world. If managed properly, America could become the wealthiest and most powerful country on earth!! Americans may even be able to have a lifestyle comparable to Canadians or western Europeans. This is in line with DJT's goal of making our country "great."

Just a carpenter. said...


fazman said...

Trump will have the support of Macron regardless and many have lost faith Merkel long ago.
Trump.has made his attentions clear, and unless Europe is willing to modify it in away that iran will find unacceptable yes the u.s will walk.

ROB VET said...

Either way .I been reading and paying attention to alot of analysis and all kinds of reports from different angles and more and more people are starting to see the charade America is putting on . Russia is only sensible actor on world stage rite now. They have the moral high ground. American leaders are furious there plan has backfired .WE(U.S.) are on the wrong side of history

fazman said...

Then stop reading Prada