Thursday, May 31, 2018

Photo of Israeli Jet Over Beirut Draws Lebanese Anger

The picture of the F-35 in action – before even the US military has claimed to use it – was interpreted as a show of strength for Israel's enemies ( Screenshot via Hadashot News )

Newsweek: ‘Psychological War’: Photo of Israeli Jet Over Beirut Draws Lebanese Anger

A photo of an Israeli fighter jet flying over Beirut has drawn angry reactions and criticism within Lebanon.

"This is Israel playing a psychological side of the war,” General Mouawad Tannous, a former Lebanese military intelligence officer and former defense attaché with Lebanon's Embassy in Washington D.C. told The Independent. “Israel is flaunting its power, and showing to all its high military superiority.”

Israeli air force commander Major General Amikam Norkin showed the high-quality photo of a U.S.-made F-35 hovering over Beirut during a presentation at an international security conference last week. During the presentation, he said he believed Israel is "the first to attack with the F-35 in the Middle East."

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Update: Israel criticised for sharing picture of new F-35 stealth jet flying over Beirut, flouting international law (The Independent)

WNU Editor: When I posted this story on War News Update's social media accounts a few days ago .... the reaction I got from Arabs in the Middle East was universal anger. So yes .... the Lebanese are "not happy".


Unknown said...

It might draw anger but its not like they can do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Lebanese are outraged when Iran or Hamas fly mortars or rockets over Israel into Israeli soil. Air space sovereignty is so precious to all nations.

Andrew Jackson said...

I thought the F-35 was a piece of junk! LOL!!!!!

B.Poster said...

Maybe the Israelis modified it. Maybe after throwing infinite resources at it they've made it work after all.

Keep in mind this is Lebanon. It's not a "peer" such as Russia or China. I'm skeptical that this will effective against a "peer" such as this but try to keep an open mind.

Even if this does work fully as advertised, for the money spent and the opportunities lost, I still don't think this was/is a good investment but am keeping an open mind.

A number of questions about this project have been raised by a number of people. Given the propensity of our government to waste money on boondoggle and the practical limitations of the ability to build an all in one military aircraft, a reasonable person would be right to be critical questions of the project.

If it works out as advertised AND the opportunity costs are reasonable, it means the critics were incorrect and the supporters were correct. There is still much we don't know. This is no laughing matter

Gadfly Speck said...

No matter what else it is, it's great advertising.

Anonymous said...


Maybe this
Perhaps that
Might be this
Could be that
If this then that
If that then this

well, you have covered all the bases and end up telling us???