Thursday, May 31, 2018

Watch This C-17 Dive Down Into A Canyon Like A Fighter Jet (Video)

Warzone/The Drive: This C-17 Rocketed Through Star Wars Canyon Like A Fighter Jet

The big cargo hauler executed a knife edge turn and dived down into the canyon in a way that would make an F-16 blush.

Star Wars Canyon, also known as the Jedi Transition or Rainbow Canyon, and the aviation photographers that trek there, have offered up some of the most stunning and interesting images and footage of military aircraft over the last half-decade. The variety of aircraft that blast through the chasm is one of the locale's biggest attractions. Like fishing in some bizarre intercoastal waterway you truly never know what you might catch. In the case of pro photog Eric Larson, he recently caught a whale with one hell of an attitude.

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WNU Editor: Now that is one big plane.

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