Thursday, May 31, 2018

Why Are UFOs Suddenly A Serious News Story


Stars and Stripes/Washington Post: UFOs are suddenly a serious news story — you can thank the guy from Blink-182 for that

At the turn of the millennium, Blink-182 was everywhere. On the cover of the pop-punk band's smash album, "Enema of the State," a busty nurse with a lustful grin snapped on a latex glove. At MTV beach concerts, sunburned masses moshed to the No. 1 hit "All the Small Things." But frontman Tom DeLonge — the one with the angsty, adolescent singing voice — had been nurturing an offstage hobby that was decidedly out of the mainstream.

With his first record-deal payout as a fledgling teenage rock star, DeLonge had bought a computer to research the prospect of intelligent life beyond Earth. And after Blink-182 made him a fortune, he further indulged his fascination with the paranormal.

He co-wrote a 700-page novel about UFOs.

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WNU Editor: The above article is trying to give credit to one person for this sudden interest in UFOs. But truth be told .... interest in UFOs have been around for as long as I can remember. And as much as there may be a lot of interest in the U.S. right now on the subject .... I know in Russia this is a subject that that has been discussed for decades. On a personal note .... my heart likes to believe, but my brain makes me skeptical that these are extraterrestrial beings visiting earth. I more inclined to believe that they are advanced defense projects .... and they show up once in a while surprising everyone .... including the military who have been kept out of the loop on what is being developed/researched.


Anonymous said...

If an alien civilization could easily send a FTL ship to earth, they could more easily observe us via their super advanced telescopes or space probes. Even orbit them outside of earth range radars to keep tabs on us.

Given there are billions upon billions of planets in our part of the Milky Way galaxy, no the odds ain't good for aliens playing tag with F-18's.

B.Poster said...


I agree. These probably aren't alien craft. As you point out, the actions don't make sense. Also, it would require extraordinary proof which hasn't been supplied.

The idea of these being advanced military craft of which the US military has been kept out of the loop on also seems unlikely given the propensity of US officials to "leak" information. The most likely hypothesis is these are advanced military craft that another country possesses that has technology far beyond our own. Compared to this stuff our technology is like simple arithmetic to advanced calculus. As such, we would have no hope of understanding it or countering in any reasonable time frame. This does explode the myth of an American superpower beyond repair. There are a number of people whose ideologies are wrapped up in this myth. Popping someone's bubble/crushing their ideology can be a terrible thing!!

In any event, someone has vastly superior technology to us. Who is it? This should be a job for US intelligence to figure out. Oh wait!! They are incompetent boobs. As such, little confidence can be placed in them.

If I were POTUS, I would make it a top priority for us to figure whose technology this is. We certainly do not want do anything to risk a conflict with them. Should they choose to deploy it we would lose handily. As Sun Tzu stated, know yourself, know your enemy, win all battles. There's someone out that with military technology way beyond ours. The American people have a right to know this. POTUS should declassify anything and everything on this immediately. With the US government crazily deploying military assets around the world the chances of a misunderstanding with whoever this is grows exponentially. Especially in light of this the American people need to have full disclosure.

Roger Smith said...

I'm inclined to believe. In my life there have been enough observers of seeming credibility [military pilots and others] who have described what they experienced.
I recall a new book in the local library about 20 years ago whose author was a major, US, one each. The book revolved around a crash in New Mexico of a UFO and it's "driver", recovered by the military but then denied.
Ancient rock carvings. Tribal legends. There seems to be a history, pre-internet and thus more credible, of interactions between humans and something they didn't normally experience. A flying Yugo?

Pretty believable, methinks.


B.Poster said...


The idea that these are extra-terrestrials is certainly plausible. Obviously so many reported encounters cannot simply be entirely made up. Given the gravity of the situation with the US military and government essentially poking its nose and our noses by extension into pretty much anything and everything around the world even into those things that don't concern us there is bound to be blowback.

It becomes vitally important that we investigate the possibility that these craft are technologies possessed by another earthly power that is far beyond what we have. Given our actions we would be bound to run into them at some point. It's vitally important to know who and what we are dealing with. Given the situation, I think it best we assume this is terrestrial technology possessed by another country on earth that we lack until definitively proven otherwise.

Roger Smith said...

Well, I've read that these alleged sightings became more numerous in the 50's then tapered off. Hysteria, the shrinks said in book and paper. Nonetheless this timeframe would give the planetary owners of this technology a long time to have come up with something to rattle the planet's boots in the way of explosives to go with their invincible delivery system. So nearly 70 years later the owning country is still spending $$$ trying to surpass some other country or countries' military hardware? That doesn't seem logical. In my book, you've got a UFO in your driveway, you're Mister BIG. You don't need to design new stuff anymore. You're there. Game over.
As for older sightings, quien sabe? Certainly wasn't Cheyenne or Sioux technology. Nope. Custer can attest to that. Well....could.
Admission: the prior comments may be contested [over the beverage of one;s choice] because I saw the 1954 UFO documentary "War of the Worlds" in 1954. Nightmares that night.

Green Martian

Americanadian soldier said...

Oh so what exactly are we looking at here..... angels? Give your head a shake

B.Poster said...

Angels? Demons? Some have advanced theories such as this. While I think this theory makes more sense than the theory of these being extra terrestrials, I still think the most logical theory is these things, at least those we are seeing currently and the ones that played with the US military in 2004, were technology possessed by another country on earth and operated by humans or human designed AI that is way beyond anything America is even close to having.

Given the global scope of the US military and the dire ramifications of this, it is vitally important that we find out which nation it is that has this technology or, at the very least, disprove a terrestrial/human origin for this. After all we don't want to accidently stumble into a conflict with them putting them in a situation where they might deploy this in full force against us.

Caecus said...


If any nation had this technology they would already have attacked and destroyed the US ages ago. The balance of power would be overwhelmingly in favour of anyone with the technology. Just like Europeans who mastered navigation were able to colonize the entire planet.