Thursday, May 31, 2018

World News Briefs -- May 31, 2018

The Guardian: US presses North Korea for 'historic' plan to disarm as Pompeo meets Kim aide

State department says regime must map out denuclearisation steps it is willing to take if summit is to go ahead

The North Koreans will have to lay out a disarmament plan in the next few days if a planned summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is to go ahead on schedule in two weeks’ time, a senior US state department official said on Wednesday.

The official was speaking in New York as the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and a top North Korean official, Kim Yong-chol, met over a dinner ahead of a day of talks on Thursday aimed at defining negotiating positions and narrowing differences before the summit.

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Syrian leader praises Russia, pans U.S. and Trump in rare interview.

Syria's Assad vows to retake areas held by US-backed Kurds.

Israeli Defense Minister praises Russia's understanding of its needs in Syria.

Erdogan hosts Putin's Syria envoy as cooperation tightens.

UN agencies appeal for funds for Syrian refugees to avoid cuts.

Iraq's election commission annuls thousands of votes.

Several wounded after gunmen attack Saudi military base in Taif.

New US sanctions target Iran for human rights abuses, censorship.

Israel approves more than 2,000 settlement units in West Bank.

United Arab Emirates jails activist for 10 years 'for defaming nation'.


Taliban officials 'in talks with Afghan government', US says. Top Afghanistan general: Some Taliban involved in 'secret' talks to end war.

11 dead after militants attack Afghan interior ministry.

Kim Jong Un complains of US ‘hegemonism’ as summit nears.

Mike Pompeo tweets 'great opportunity' for North Korea after steak dinner.

Trump pick for South Korea ambassador: North Korea 'most imminent threat'.

North Koreans get a taste of Facebook in Pyongyang.

China rejects US accusations it seeks hegemony in Asia.

Senators seek stronger action on China in S. China Sea.

China shares hot seat with North Korea for the upcoming Shangri-La Dialogue.

China criticizes 'uncooperative' U.S. policy on visas.

India's annual growth slows to 6.7%, Q4 picks up.


Libya's December election goal faces political, legal, security hurdles.

US wants UN deadline for South Sudan to end fighting.

Biafra sit-at-home protest shuts down southeast Nigerian cities.

Growing anger over South Africa's stalled land reform.

Algeria seizes 700kg of cocaine on container ship.

Uganda imposes WhatsApp and Facebook tax 'to stop gossip'. Uganda slaps tax on social media users to curb 'gossip'.


Azerbaijani military advances on tense Nakhchivan-Armenia border.

NATO-Russia Council meets for first time since Skripal poisoning.

SNP report outlines new prospectus for Scottish independence.

Germany warns against 'protectionism getting upper hand'.

Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine condemned for faking journalist's murder.

Protesters meet US military convoys streaming through Europe ‘preparing for war’.

Macedonian PM says name change to be put to a public vote.

Denmark bans full-face veils in public.


Trump plays down chances of quick North Korea breakthrough, talks wrap up.

Trump revises Comey firing, Giuliani blasts ‘lynching mob’.

Trump to pardon Dinesh D’Souza.

Nicaraguans block roads across country, want Ortega out. More Nicaragua protesters killed in Mother's Day march.

Colombia presidential candidate alleges voter fraud before runoff.

Brazil oil workers walk out as truckers' strike eases.

UN says people disappearing in northern Mexico border city.


US military says it killed dozens of Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

European court: Lithuania, Romania permitted CIA to torture militants.

Landmines made by Isis undo progress made by Princess Diana campaign.


EU-US: Two months of escalating trade tensions.

China lowers tariffs, rejects US trade war escalation.

Amazon blocks Australia from global sites over tax.

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