Saturday, June 30, 2018

EU Migrant Deal Falls Apart

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France 24: EU migration deal 'agrees that they don’t agree on anything'

After a tense night of negotiations, the European Union’s 28 countries announced that they had reached an agreement on migration on Friday. But many observers are doubtful as to how solid the deal really is.

The EU 28 agreed that they would share the burden of welcoming refugees; that “controlled centres” would be set up within the bloc to accommodate them; that “regional disembarkation platforms” would be set up to process migrants outside of Europe; and that the EU would invest in strengthening its external borders.

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WNU Editor: I am only surprised that this deal lasted one day. I expected it to last a week or two in order to give German Chancellor Merkel a chance to tell her coalition partners that she is working hard and that a solution to handle the EU migration crisis (that she caused with her open borders policy) is progressing. But they (other EU states) did not even give her that. Here is why the deal fell apart .... Why the EU's new migrant deal fell apart on the same day it was signed (Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner)

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