Saturday, June 30, 2018

President Trump: When I Meet Russian President Putin We Are Going To Talk About Everything

Politico: Trump on meeting Putin: ‘I’ll talk to him about everything’

President Donald Trump said on Friday that nothing was off the table for his upcoming meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

“I’ll talk to him about everything,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on his way to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, for the weekend.

Trump said he planned to address election integrity when the two leaders come face to face in Helsinki, Finland, on July 16. Though Trump and Putin often speak warmly of each other, their countries are increasingly at odds when it comes to issues like foreign policy and meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

“We don’t want anyone tampering with elections,” Trump said on Friday.

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WNU Editor: President Trump has sized up Russian President Putin accurately. Putin prefers being involved in broad discussions with no specific agenda or points that need to be covered. In this way he is like President Trump .... they want to talk about everything and make the big decisions, and when it is over leave the details to the diplomats. As for Russian President Putin .... he sees in President Trump an ally, but one that is also constrained by the current state of U.S. politics and suspicions/lack of trust/hostility towards Russia. But both men do want to show progress in U.S. - Russian relations, and that is why I believe that when the summit has ended , they will be declaring tremendous progress in restoring and repairing the U.S. - Russian relationship. As to what will be discussed at this summit .... here is my list .... Russian sanctions, G8, Syria, Ukraine, nuclear arms control, how to reduce tensions between Russia and NATO, election interference, restoring diplomat ties by re-opening consulates, North Korea, Iran, etc..

Update: These experts are right .... Trump hopes he and Putin will get along. Russia experts worry they will. (Washington Post)

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fred said...

of course they will get along...
Trump has never said a bad word about Putin. Ever. He would have were that guy a strong ally or from a friendly country

B.Poster said...

Maybe he is being to nice to Putin. Given the hystetical, ridiculous, and over the top anti-Russian positions that often pass for Russian "analysis" in our country these days and that are often embraced by our top officials, I'd consider the Trump approach to Putin and Russia to be much better. Maybe there is a "third way" that might be better. Given the options, the Trump approach seems most likely to yield the best results.

jac said...

We have problem with Russia on the short term, but if we look broadly the future, our interest is to have Russia as an allied. Like this, many "small" problems will shut down and we will be prepared for a future world where a dominant China (agenda 2050) will be a big challenge.

B.Poster said...


While we cannot "know" for certain without direct access to inside information in real time, I suspect POTUS is looking at this exactly as you are and I think Putin wants to improve relations for much the same reasons. The big problem right now seems to be leaders in America and the "west" who insist on engaging in over the top and ridiculous anti-Russian rhetoric. As to why they do this, I have my ideas but I do not "know" the answer.

Frankly, it's unhealthy. Is there a "third way" that might be preferable to that of the Trump approach or that of the "experts?" These seem to be the only two choices we have. Given the past failures of the "experts" combined with their their current unhinged rhetoric, I would tend to trust the judgement of POTUS and his team over that of the "experts." This is a judgement call. Is it correct? Will POTUS even be able to fully implement his approach? I suppose time will provide the answer to these questions.