Friday, June 29, 2018

The U.S. Air Force's C-5 Galaxy Plane Turns %0 Years Olf This Year

The US Air Force C-5 transport jet hits the big 5-0. Did we say big? Yes. Freakishly big.

CNN: Happy 50th birthday to America's biggest military airplane

Marietta, Georgia (CNN)One of the largest airplanes in the world -- a jet that forever changed America's military and airline industry -- is turning half a century old.

When you see a C-5 Galaxy on the ground for the first time, the first thing that strikes you is... it's freakishly huge.

Length: 247 feet. Wingspan: wider than a Boeing 747-400. The pilot sits about three-and-a-half stories high in the cockpit, and the plane's T-tail stands as tall as a six-story building.

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WNU Editor: 50 years already!?!?!?! 


Anonymous said...

Double check that header

Carl said...

the first flight of a C-5 was in 1968, but all of the ones flying now were built in the 1980's and have been upgraded with new engines and new avionics in the past decade, so really, none of the current fleet is 50 years old.

Dave Goldstein said...

Played touch football inside one once years ago.