Thursday, July 26, 2018

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani Has Just Threatened The U.S. In Very Specific Terms

Daily Mail: Trump Tower in ruins? Iranian special forces leader warns Trump that war 'will destroy everything you own' and boasted that 'nation of martyrdom' can strike U.S. military

* Major General Qassem Soleimani warned Trump in a speech that a war with Iran would 'destroy everything you own'
* The boast may be a suggestion that terrorists aided by Iran's military are prepared to strike the president's real estate properties
* Soleimani said U.S. military in the Red Sea area are not secure: 'Trump should know that we are nation of martyrdom and that we await him'
* Trump softened his tone toward Iran this week and said he might be ready for a new nuclear deal
* That came after he warned Iran's president that he would 'SUFFER CONSEQUENCES' for threatening the U.S.

The general in charge of Iran's elite paramilitary Quds Forces warned Donald Trump on Thursday that war with the Islamist country would eliminate his entire net worth, suggesting terrorists aided by Iran's military are prepared to strike his real estate properties.

'You know that this war will destroy everything you own,' Major General Qassem Soleimani said during a speech in the central Iranian city of Hamedan.

He also said the Red Sea is not secure while U.S. troops are deployed in the area: 'Trump should know that we are nation of martyrdom and that we await him.'

'We are near you, where you can't even imagine ... Come. We are ready. If you begin the war, we will end the war,' he boasted.

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Anonymous said...

Fairly open northern and southern borders invite countries with genocide on their minds to be busy beavers and move men and explosives into the USA. Countering this is the fact Iran is ideally situated for nuclear attack, couldn’t be better located for a massive US and Israeli nuclear counter strike. Look at its location and prevailing winds.

So this s high tallk by Iran signifying nothing.

fazman said...

There would never be a nuclear counterstrike, the world would condemn those who perpetuate it against a conventional foe.
Yes iran will end the war!! surrendering within weeks.

Publius said...

In my view, Iran is unlikely to attack the USA directly. Doing so invites American retaliation, which is not in Iran's interest.

Instead, Iran has many ways to attack the United States indirectly. Here are a few examples:

1. Attacking oil tankers using their Houthi surrogates. Note that this is happening already (see WNU report nearby).

2. Attacking the Saudis using their Houthi surrogates. Recall that several surface to surface missiles have been launched from Houthi territory at Saudi Arabia.

3. Attacking U.S. troops or Gulf State interests using various local or Iranian agents. Recall the attempt to overthrow the monarchy in Bahrain (location of U.S. naval base) a few years ago. The Shiite majority in Bahrain has no love lost for their Sunni rulers.

4. Attacking U.S. troops or allies in Iraq. Iran has no shortage of people in Iraq willing to do that. Iran would not have to use Iranians.

5. Attacking U.S. troops or allies in Syria, Jordan, Israel, etc. Again, there are plenty of people in Syria, who are not Iranian regular soldiers, happy to do that.

I could provide more examples, but you see the point: Iran has plenty of options to strike at the USA indirectly. This would avoid a crass direct attack, which would make retaliation easy to justify. Indirect attack would make United States retaliation against Iran itself less easy to justify. Having said this, in my view, Iran, going back to Xerxes, have a national trait of overplaying their hand. So I do not think that this speech is mere rhetoric.

Roger Smith said...

Solimani is the Iranian general who got Iranian children to clear the Iraq minefields during the Iran Iraq war using their bodies as mine detectors. No digital there and little military genius despite the press' adulation of him.
Publius, I agree with your comments. Indirect stuff is the name of their game. We will do the same. From long range at night. And for frosting, a few dozen B-52's. Iran is pretty vulnerable. Not much tree cover there. We are too. But they-don't-have-the-B-52's. And I imagine they won't have the fuel in a short while to fly them if they did. Camel prices will skyrocket. Sorry Ali, hay prices are high and availability is zilch. Inner tubes wearing out on your delivery wheelbarrow? Get on the waiting list,Omar. Ditto just about anything they would need for war making and commercial deliveries to a populace growing increasingly dissatisfied with the dinosaurs. And then those Kurds in the north of Iran...I don't feel Iran's government will score many points should they commence hostilities covert or otherwise.
Disaffected Iranians in this country are probably few and far between. Most Iranians are here because they elected to not be there.
Being a dinosaur myself I love those B-52 antiques from the last century. Like watching a tall drivered steam locomotive doin' 75 on a flat stretch though Oklahoma. Sorry Ms. Daniels, you're third fiddle in a two fiddle orchestra.
I don't think the moo-lahs would risk everything they've managed to accomplish since 1979. And they know they're not dealing with Johnny K and obama. Trump is not as predictable as his backing out of the duo mentioned above's nuclear treaty has shown to the world.
It's not difficult to make a list of vulnerabilities in this country. Big ones requiring little input. Freeway overpasses, rail lines with bridge choke points, etc. It would be a logistical nightmare for awhile but a large risk for the moo-lahs who like their positions and paychecks.
Are they gamblers?, is the question.

Young Communist said...

Be aware, that guy don't talk for hobby.

fazman said...

He talks crap, everyone is still awaiting his promised Israeli retaliation.