Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Iranian President Rouhani: Iran Should Respond To Trump's ‘Empty Threats’

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani addresses a meeting of government officials in Tehran, July 25, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

RFE: Iran's Rohani Says No Need To Respond To 'Empty Threats' From U.S.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has said he feels no need to respond to what he called "empty threats" from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Iran's IRNA news agency reported on July 25 that, after Rohani mentioned "baseless comments" by "some U.S. leaders," he told a cabinet meeting "there is no need for us to respond to any nonsensical comment and answer back to them."

"We should respond with action," Rohani said.

Rohani's remarks came in response to a July 22 all-capital-letters post on Twitter by Trump in which Trump warned Iran not to "threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before."

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WNU Editor: Iranian President Hassan Rohani says that Iran should respond to President Trump's tweets .... Rouhani says Iran should respond to Trump's ‘empty threats’ with action (The Hill). More here .... Iran: Resistance strongest response to US empty rhetoric (Press TV).

Update: Iran's armed forces chief of staff issues his own warning .... Iran Army Warns Of "Firm, Strong Response" To US Threats (AFP)


Hans Persson said...

Yes, "holyman", please respond... The world is waiting for a reason.

B.Poster said...


Very respectfully sir, are you an American? Do you know any Americans? Do you not realize that, while America may well win, American casualties are going to be massive in any war with Iran?

It's easy for those who aren't Americans to cheer from the safety of the proverbial bleachers. After all their heads aren't on the chopping block should things go awry.

"The world is waiting for a reason." The world may have just gotten it. Iran rejected 8 known attempts by the Trump Administration to engage in diplomacy and then they had the arrogance to brag about it!! Anyone on the inside of any major government would already know the truth of such matters but now it is on broad display for the entire world to see. As such and as indicated from the Trump/Putin Summit combined with high level meetings between Russia and Israel and adding in the trouble Iran seems to be having in circumventing US sanctions, we may have just made sound progress in possibly isolating Iran and making it to costly for them to consider the attack.

At least this appears to be what team Trump is trying to do. It's a pity that Trump's critics can't see this. Now if the approach is flawed, offer constructive critique on how we might do better. Clearly, if America is going to be able function in the world, we are going to need to work with powerful countries like Russia and their leaders. Failure to develop working relations with such people is misguide at best and at worst suicidal.

fazman said...

B, respectfully l and most others believe there is no case scenario that involves a ground war and subsequent occupation of iran where l feel your projected u.s casualties would lie.
Any U.S action would be on a scale reminiscent of Operation Many is x10 ,with very similar results.
The reality is that while Iran can close the straight the U.S can open it within the week.
Global terrorism in response, well yes that is the real problem

fazman said...

Operation mantis(typo ^^)

Anonymous said...

Fazman's right. I too don't think you would have anywhere near heavy US casualties. It would be a great mistake on Iran's part to attempt this closing of the straits.

B.Poster said...

German, Anon,

If war happens, I hope and pray you're right.

B.Poster said...

I,meant "anon" and not "German." Auto correct combined with poor eyesight strikes again!!

B.Poster said...

I,meant "fazman." I apologize. As,stated, hopefully you're right.

fazman said...

Mate this is bluster again, l doubt it will go hot (hopefully)

B.Poster said...


I don't think it is going to go hot either. Actually I think we would probably win assuming Russia stays out of it. Assuming Russia does get involved we still might win but that would complicate matters more. While I like your optimism, that a hot war would go well for the US and would go well quickly, I simply don't share your optimism.

Regardless I hope and pray we are able to avoid a hot war. Unlike some who aren't from America, Americans will be in the firing line should the war go hot and I don't think that is going to be limited to those Americans serving in the armed forces in the combat zone.

The primary reason I don't think it is going to go hot has to do with Trump diplomacy. Much evidence indicates that the Russians have grown weary of Iran. We recently had the "Summit." "Everything" was discussed. Before this there was a meeting between Netanyahu and Putin. Then there have been follow up meetings between Israeli and Russian leaders where reports indicate how to contain Iran was discussed. Additionally we learn that team trump made 8 attempts to reach out to Iran in diplomacy only to be rebuffed. All of this has made it apparent to many just how repulsive Iran really is. While it may be a bridge to far for Russia to cut them loose entirely, I do think they will act to restrain. As such, no hot war. We are going to get back to negotiations and a deal that respects America's just concerns can be negotiated.

Of course will Trump's opponents foul all of this up as they have already fouled up one careful diplomatic attempt with Russia and are trying to foul up another one. It is a pity that some simply cannot look past petty domestic politics long enough to grasp the importance of having good relations with powerful countries and powerful world leaders. They have essentially placed their own selfish interests over that of the country.

Hans Persson said...

I think your're clever enough to remember that I'm not an american.
I wrote "the world is waiting for a reason", not "america."
Where you end up in your own conclusion is up to you, but Iran has to go and this is a very good reason.