Friday, August 31, 2018

U.S. Air Force Releases Details On What Will Be Upgraded In The B-52 Fleet

The present B-52H cockpit does have two small digital multi-function displays, but is still predominantly full of analog "steam gauges."

War Zone/The Drive: Air Force Offers First Details Of Future Plans For An Upgraded B-52J Bomber

In addition to new engines, the updated aircraft could have an improved cockpit, enhanced flight systems, defensive gear, sensors, and more.

As the U.S. Air Force moves closer to starting a major re-engining program for its B-52H Stratofortresses, it is reportedly considering adding in additional upgrades to ensure the bombers will remain combat capable through at least 2050. These updates could include improvements to the iconic plane’s avionics, defensive suite, sensors, ejection systems, and flight data recorder, with the resulting aircraft receiving the new designation B-52J.

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WNU Editor: Some more details on what the B-52 will be doing .... The B-52 Looks Set To Become The USAF's Hypersonic Weapons Truck Of Choice (War Zone/The Drive).

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Dov Sar said...

Steam gages come in handy during EMP/nuclear environment. Glass screens and hugs, not so much.