Friday, August 31, 2018

You Can Track An F-35 Stealth Fighter


Michael Peck: This Could Be a Problem: Here's Your Chance to Track an F-35 Stealth Fighter

Not so stealth after all?

Regardless of intent or accident, the Israeli F-35 incident illuminates a problem with stealth aircraft. Flying machines that are designed to minimize detection by radar still need to share airspace with lots of other aircraft in crowded skies, which means that those other aircraft as well as air traffic control needs to know the stealth plane's location. There may be no harm in a stealth aircraft turning on its transponder over friendly airspace. Or then again, there may be good reason why a stealth plane on a mission absolutely needs to keep its location secret.

America has spent a lot of money to make the F-35 stealth fighter invisible to its enemies.

But the F-35 has encountered an enemy that can pierce its stealthy veil: namely, a civilian flight tracker—the kind that tells airline passengers their location during a flight.

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