Sunday, September 30, 2018

Canadian Soldiers Can Now Grow A Beard And Smoke Marijuana When Not On Duty

Canadian Armed Forces

Task & Purpose: You Can Now Grow A Beard And Get Stoned AF In The Canadian Military

The U.S. military dangles cash bonuses and post-military college money to entice recruits into the service. Meanwhile, the Canadian military has beards and weed.

As Chad Garland of Stars & Stripes reports, a new rule took effect on Tuesday allowing all members of the Canadian military to rock a beard as long as they can grow more than just peach fuzz. “A member will … shave off unsuccessful attempts to grow a beard,” the policy says.

The policy also says Canadian soldiers with beard-growing genes will need to have a mustache as well, keep their fur neatly trimmed, and not let it “exceed two centimeters in bulk.” Sadly, that last requirement means that although beards are okay, soldiers will not be able to attempt Chad Garland-esque levels of beard-growing.

It also allows commanders to restrict facial hair if operations require it.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. military offers cash bonuses to entice recruits .... the Canadian military permits you to have a beard and to smoke pot. If I had a choice, I would take the cash.


anon said...

I'd also take the cash. Then use it to buy weed. Win win.

Anonymous said...

If your motivation is to grow a beard and smoke pot, you're in the wrong profession.. I'm not against pot at all, but it shouldn't be so legitimized everywhere.. you can definitely get dramatically influenced in your aptitude (good and bad, but mostly bad if you cannot or do not know how to control it), your motor skills and coordination, and most importantly, you can get schizophrenia and paranoia like symptoms from marijuana use. And these effects and symptoms become stronger over time (sort of an accumulation effect) and can linger for days after stopping to smoke. Then there's also the temper issues once you stop smoking.. most become aggressive or in a foul mood. So think about that.. tons of weapons around, schizophrenia and paranoia like symptoms and a shitty mood whenever you go back to service and smoked over the weekend. This is stupid.
On top of that.. people who do smoke a lot (also cigarettes/other forms of tabacco) know how bad it is on your lungs, but also on your cardiovascular system. While you are high on weed you can run faster and perhaps even longer.. but while on duty (and when you have to stop smoking) you feel hung over, less strong and cannot run far.. so in end effect this appeasement we see throughout society makes us weaker... giving into someone's demands (who demanded it by the way?) to smoke pot is ridiculous.. also to boost military numbers is ridiculous... the people in charge are endangering dumb recruits and the nation as a whole. There's a reason you should not drive while under the influence, and there's reason not to be around weapons while high or suffering from the (sometimes days-long) after effects of weed... it's insane

Anonymous said...

I do not know why they got rid of beards outside conformity (?), gas masks, and chinstraps for helmets.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22 am knows not what he speaks of!

Americanadian soldier said...

So how do you tell if they’re using on duty? Thx is in the system regardless and it’s going to be abused. Not a good idea but it’s not like the Canadian armed forces will ever be usefull anyways as we invite our enemies with open arms and social benefits.