Saturday, September 29, 2018

China Conducts 'Live Fire' Drills In The South China Sea

Live-fire drills being carried out by Chinese fighter jets and bombers in the South China Sea, September 28, 2018. CCTV via People's Daily China/Twitter

Business Insider: Days after multiple US bomber flights, Chinese warplanes did 'live fire shooting drills' in the South China Sea as tensions in the region boil

* Chinese fighter and bomber aircraft carried out live-fire drills in the South China Sea this weekend, state media said.
* The exercises come days after US bombers flew through the area with Japanese fighter jets — one of several recent overflights by US planes.
* Activity over the South China Sea has increased amid heightened tension between China and the US.

A few days after multiple US bomber flights over the disputed waters of the South China Sea, fighters and bombers from the Chinese military carried out live-fire exercises over the same area — the latest round of drills in a period of increasing tension between the two countries.

Aircraft from the Southern Theater command of the People's Liberation naval air force conducted "live fire shooting drills" at a sea range in the South China Sea, according to the People's Daily official newspaper, which released photos from a broadcast by state-run CCTV.

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WNU Editor: China is trying to intimidate everyone with these "live fire drills", as well as reassuring the Chinese population that Beijing will not back-down. The problem for China is that I do not think it is working.


Anonymous said...

Well it's a problem for the world.

Nn armed to the teeth China, high on nationalism, miseducated by propaganda, and not able to back down....

We have to provide China with an off-ramp, otherwise there will be a military engagement.

And such military engagement will be their choosing (time, location ), means they'll hit us by surprise and sink a ship. In that case we have to retaliate and retaliate we will.. and then it becomes quite unpredictable

Roger Smith said...

China has an off ramp as do all countries. Don't pull the trigger first, short of an invasion of one's borders.