Sunday, September 30, 2018

China's Defense Ministry Warns Against Forged Data And Plagiarism In Science And Technology Research

SCMP: Chinese military warns against forged data and plagiarism in science and technology research

Academics have been put on notice to maintain ‘integrity of scientific research’ as rampant misconduct puts lives at risk

China’s military top brass have released research integrity guidelines urging leaders in charge of the country’s defence-related science and technology research to avoid forgery, plagiarism and other wrongdoing.

The guidelines published on Friday are the first indication that China’s defence industry faces a forgery problem similar to that found in the academic community – including feigning scientific data, plagiarising subordinates’ study results, exaggerating study achievements and other misconduct.

The guidelines have been proposed by the Science and Technology Commission, a functional department directly under the powerful Central Military Commission headed by President Xi Jinping, which is in charge of China’s military defence technology research and development.

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WNU Editor: My brother works as a researcher in the Bay area. He has told me more than once that no one he knows trusts the medical research and data that is coming out of China. I can only presume that this sloppiness also exists in the defense industry .... if not more so because of demands for progress from Beijing.

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