Saturday, September 29, 2018

Iranian Speedboats' Encounter U.S. Carrier In The Persian Gulf (Video)

Press TV (Iran): Watch: IRGC speedboats' encounter with US carrier in Persian Gulf

Iran has for the first time released a video showing speedboats of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) closing in on a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

According to the footage, which was part of a documentary aired by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting on Saturday, the speedboats approached the USS Theodore Roosevelt on March 21.

Iran has repeatedly warned that any act of trespassing on its territorial waters would be met with an immediate and befitting response.

The US 5th Fleet is currently deployed in the Persian Gulf with carriers, ships, strike aircraft, sailors and marines and has been involved in occasional confrontations with Iranian forces.

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Update #1: Iran airs video of encounter with USS Theodore Roosevelt (Tehran Times)
Update #2: Iran airs video said to show March encounter with US carrier (AP)

WNU Editor: This video was taken earlier this year (March 21) .... so why release it now?


Fusion said...

In a real war, they would have been lit up miles earlier.

Anonymous said...

It's called the Persian Gulf for a reason. Those speedboats were conducting a freedom of navigation operation!

fazman said...

These speedboats belong on a episode of Baywatch , Iran gets more hilarious by the day.

Roger Smith said...

Well, I watched a US Navy gunnery practice video awhile back. 50 cal. The trigger puller didn't do well against a water borne drone target. Launch a myriad of these things each with a martyr behind the wheel and something's going to get damaged, methinks. New ships aren't armed for Japanese kamikazes and others as they were in WWII. That was a wall of lead heading your way and still got through. They were metal and detectable of radar. These speed boats are fiberglass, it appears.
Comments from Navy types?

B.Poster said...

Fortunately for our aircraft carrier crew the Iranian speedboat leadership chose to allow them to live. Had this been an actual conflict the US aircraft carrier would've been on the bottom of the ocean before they even knew what happened. As for the crew, dead!!

The comments here of non Americans is most interesting. Your loved ones heads aren't on the chopping block should things go awry.

This is all a big game to you. It costs you NOTHING. Should America "win " pose for pictures and sing your praises as the awesome "allies" you are NOT. Should America lose you bear zero costs. Those are borne by Americans.

As for your soldiers who died, the American government compensated you ridiculously well as we represented YOUR interests. No one helps us!!

Anonymous said...

B, what on earth are you talking about?

Costs, schmosts! The American taxpayer is funding a $trillion plane that can't fly in thunderstorms and made its "combat" debut by bombing some goats near a mud-hut in Khandahar.

Lighting money on fire and blowing s#$t up is the American way.

Anonymous said...

SBU is or was stationed in Bahrain.

In the even to of a conflict there will be air strikes against Iranian boat bases.

These boats can literally be moored anywhere making them hard to wipe out from the air, but it also complicates Iranian logistics. Meaning they get 1 shot.

In event of a war small boats, air cover, frigates, destroyers of ours and our allies, will mix it up with the Iranians. The Iranian will get hurt.

In peacetime they can play a game of chicken or harassment. In a war it is another matter. The might get up close a personal with cluster munitions delivered by TLAM as they arrive at work before casting off.

The U.S. and Iranian fought an undeclared war in the Persian Gulf. Shooting up the oil platform in the Gulf was just a small part of it.

If the Iranians wanted more, they would have persisted. Have they done anything else other than Night Witch raids since then?

PS the Japanese also had small motor boat swarms and they did not get to use them. This is nothing new.

Meanwhile Emperor Khamanei has to deal with a widespread trucker strike, raid from Pakistan into Iranian Baluchistan, unrest in the Arab SW, general water shortages, and the sanctions have really to hit in full force yet.

Mother may be forced out in 6 months time and thus 1 leg of sanctions busting will be removed.

Khamanei has to pester someone to look like the BMOC.

Anonymous said...

Aircraft carriers will be no where near the Persian Gulf if war breaks out...these little speed boats will be used against oil tankers.

fazman said...

What nonsense, the helicopter would have minced long ago, not to mention.ciws and crew .

Anonymous said...

Aircraft carriers may operate in the gulf.

They obliterate navy bases along the coast as they go and further inland.