Sunday, September 30, 2018

Is President Trump's Doctrine Focused On Fighting The World?

Image: U.S. President Donald Trump sits behind his desk as he announces a bilateral trade agreement with Mexico to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) at the White House in Washington, U.S., August 27, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

Doug Bandow, National Interest: America Is Determined to Fight the World

Boosted by its victory in the Cold War, the United States has allowed hubris to dominate its foreign-policy decision making.

The United States sanctioned Beijing for purchasing Russian military equipment. Does the administration really believe that China will cancel the deal because of American economic pressure? Yet again Washington has deftly pushed the People’s Republic of China toward Russia, encouraging an unnatural friendship, even alliance.

America is the world’s strongest, most dominant nation. However, its power has become a problem. Hubris conquered Washington. Today the Trump administration appears determined to go to war, military, political, and/or economic, with virtually every other state.

Washington’s arrogance has been long building. During the Cold War the United States was necessarily constrained. Moscow could match U.S. military force, sported numerous allies in Europe and elsewhere, and challenged America ideologically. Although the Soviet Union was weaker than commonly believed—the CIA consistently overestimated the USSR’s economic strength—Moscow could counter the United States when important Soviet interests were involved.

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WNU Editor: The above author's commentary is in sync with much of the Washington foreign establishment. They believe that America's role in foreign affairs should be one of accommodation, compromise, coalition building, mediation, and generosity. They definitely do not favor the current White House policy and strategy. As to what is my point of view. I do not see President Trump's policy as one that is determined to fight the world, but one that is primarily and exclusively focused on protecting and advancing American interests. This may be a radical departure of past U.S. foreign policy, but it is also one that is quite frankly practiced by almost every nation in the world. And while I sympathize with my progressive friends that their liberal idealism of the world order is now coming to an end .... I do understand the reason why .... the U.S. can no longer afford it, and more importantly, a growing segment of the American public now want nothing to do with it.


Anonymous said...

How can a broke nation afford to be generous?

War News Updates Editor said...

Generosity and good intentions. That is why the U.S. federal government is holding a $20 trillion debt load, and can no longer be "generous".

Roger Smith said...

Trump is a businessman. The prior occupant of the White House and some others were not. And to take on debt whose interest went, in part, towards financing china's military build up is beyond even the comprehension of the tooth fairys' of the community organiser's world.
The candy store has closed it's doors due to funding issues.
Adjust, world.

fred said...

Trump is a businessman who is so successful he refuses to show his taxes though always saying he will do so. the huge jump now taking place in the deficit is due to Trump tax change. If you do not know that, you are not keeping up with govt objective reports and decent news sources

fred said...

Can you spell out the "Trump Doctrine" in 350 words?

War News Updates Editor said...

I can do it in 4 words.
"Make America Great Again"

Anonymous said...

"I can do it in 4 words.
"Make America Great Again""