Sunday, September 30, 2018

Norway Has Posted A Map That Shows The Exact Locations Of Its Armed Forces And Secret Installations

© Photo : esri

Sputnik: 'Handy Tool for Foes': Norway Rolls Out Map With Secret Army Facilities

A digital map published by Norwegian authorities shows 239 "no flight" zones where drones are prohibited. It is searchable and includes geographical maps and aerial photos. Experts believe this disclosure can assist foreign intelligence and terrorists.

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) has published a digital map showing the exact locations of armed forces facilities, including sensitive antennas and secret installations.

The map shows red marks over objects the authorities previously tried to keep secret, including a facility often referred to as the government's wartime headquarters. Several of the Intelligence Service's facilities are also displayed with exact coordinates.

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Update: Norway authorities reveal top secret military sites: report (Xinhuanet)

WNU editor: Why spy on Norway. They just give their top secret information away for nothing. But what is sadly funny about all of this is that it is the Russian and Chinese press that are doing the necessary reporting to bring attention to this story.


Roger Smith said...

Well, now you know where to not buy a home in Norway.

jac said...

Well, it's impressive, but is it true ? Could be "intoxication", isn't it ?

RussInSoCal said...

It says here that Norway is the second happiest country on the planet.

Andrew Jackson said...

We beez in NATO,F@ck Putler!!!!