Saturday, September 29, 2018

The F-35 Fighter Jet Is Getting Cheaper To Build

Workers can be seen on the moving line and forward fuselage assembly areas for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at Lockheed Martin Corp’s factory located in Fort Worth, Texas. Lockheed Martin photo.

Defense News: F-35 price falls below $90M for first time in new deal

WASHINGTON — The price of a conventional F-35A model has fallen below $90 million for the first time through a deal announced Sept. 28 between the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin.

The Defense Department’s F-35 Joint Program Office and F-35 prime contractor Lockheed have finalized an $11.5 billion contract for the 11th batch of F-35s. The deal comprises 141 new jets and follows a handshake deal between the two parties that was announced in July.

The agreement pushes the cost of the F-35A conventional model — used by the U.S. Air Force and most foreign buyers — to $89.2 million per aircraft, a 5.4 percent reduction from the $94.3 million in the 10th batch of aircraft.

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Roger Smith said...

Gee. What a deal. Nearly 10,000 radar evading [canvas and wood, little metal] highly maneuverable, ultra low maintenance cost, dirt runway short take off and landing, Sopwith Camels for the price of one fuel hungry F-35.

War News Updates Editor said...

Thanks Roger for putting everything into perspective.

Roger Smith said...

And thanks to you for this site, boss.