Saturday, September 29, 2018

The U.S. Navy Is Worried About This Russian Nuclear Submarine


National Interest: Russia's Most Advanced (And Stealthly) Nuclear Submarine Ever Just Went to Sea

And the navy is worried, and for good reason.

Russia’s second Severodvinsk-class submarine K-561 Kazan , which is a modified Project 08851 Yasen-M design, went to sea for the first time for builder’s trials on September 24.

The massive nuclear-powered guided missile submarine (SSGN) was designed by the Malachite design bureau in St. Petersburg and was built in the northern Russian city of Severodvinsk. Kazan was launched on April 8, 2027, and was originally expected to be delivered to the Russian Navy this December, but construction work on the vessel was delayed. At present, Kazan is not expected to be delivered to the Russian Northern Fleet until at least 2019. Nonetheless, the Russian vessel is expected to be the most formidable enemy submarine the United States Navy has ever faced.

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WNU Editor: The Russians want a capable submarine fleet. It looks like they are accomplishing it.

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