Sunday, September 30, 2018

U.S. Warship Sails Near Contested Islands In The South China Sea

Ships of the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force sail in formation during bilateral training in the South China Sea, Aug. 31. (U.S. Navy/MC2 Kaila V. Peters)

CNN: US Navy sails past contested islands in South China Sea amid U.S.-China tensions

The United States sailed a warship close to disputed islands in the South China Sea on Sunday, a move that is bound to draw the ire of Beijing and comes amid heightened US-China tensions over a broad range of issues.

Two US officials told CNN that the guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur sailed within 12 nautical miles of Gaven and Johnson reefs in the Spratly Islands as part of what the US Navy calls "freedom of navigation operations," which are meant to enforce the right of free passage in international waters.

"US Forces operate in the Indo-Pacific region on a daily basis, including the South China Sea. All operations are designed in accordance with international law and demonstrate that the United States will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows," a US defense official told CNN.

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Update: U.S. warship sails near disputed South China Sea islands: U.S. official (Reuters)

WNU Editor: This appears to be a follow up on this weeks B-52 flights in the region .... U.S. flies bombers over South China Sea amid heightened tensions with Beijing (Reuters)


Anonymous said...

There appears to be more Freedom of navigation exercise than under Obama.

They are also in larger number of ships.

When you send a single, token destroyer, it communicates:

"Sorry Xi, I have to do theses stupid Freedom of navigation exercise for national political consumption. You understand these stupid bitter clingers. I don't want to do them. May I bow down to you like I did to the King of Saudi Arabia? I'll have more flexibility after the election.

Dear Obama.

When you send a carrier battle group, it shows you mean business like Teddy's Great White Fleet.

Anonymous said...

ho hum...same old shit
ships sailed. did nothing. strong show of force. islands not there when O. in office
next stupid comment? oh, addressed to me? who would have thought that

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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So here we have Democrats bandying about the term rape as if they say it enough, it will be true.

Now in the case of Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton.

How do Democrats put it, nowadays?

Oh yeah a cigar went in the #1 hole creating the world's first human humidor. Liberals are very creative, indeed.

Did Bill get a patent on the idea?

The the president did achieve something more than however slight with the top hole.

Anonymous said...

"islands not there when O. in office
next stupid comment?"

The islands were there.

Like for example this one.

Do you question why Obama smartly pivoted to the Pacific/Asia? Do you really want to become apostate and have Democrats call you heretic?

Everything Obama did was smart

He just put the adjective 'smart" in front of everything voila!

Like the word POWER. We got "Smart Power" and Libya has been broken ever since.


Anonymous said...

Don't criticise Obama, ever. Or you'll be branded a racist, bigot or Fox viewer (to the left those 3 things are the same. You know. The tolerant left.)

Anonymous said...

I made 3 or 4 short comments today.

Fred going Anon jumped out of the weeds on the only one I mentioned Obama.

Figure the odds. This particular subgroup was small 4 comments, but the number of groups is rather large.

I mentioned the holy of holies and there he was coming out of nowhere (12 minutes) like the caped crusader!

fred said...

A woman has come forward and claimed rape and use of drugs. I can not verify. But there it is. A claim. It should be investigated. Anon aka anon A.S.: you truly are hung up on Obama, having little or nothing so say but to vomit your dislike, hate, childish crap on this site. Now address the issue of the post. The Am fleet has a right to go where it has gone. Yes. No. What should we do? tell us. and forget for a minute Obama, a president now two years out of office. focus, girly boy on the article and put aside childish schoolyard sniping

fred said...

The islands were there. Not the Chinese takeover...that has happened under whatshisname with the orange hair
What, dear heart, do you suggest we do? oh. right, badmouth Obama and call Fred names..that is solid policy

fred said...

Trump is the president. The Chinese taking over and building islands. What do you expect him to do or want him to do? Oh, lock her up and Obama no good...good policy

fred said...

Election Security Remains Just as Vulnerable as in 2016
Here an issue. But why bother when there is Obama to blame for something or other