Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pentagon Official: The U.S. Reversed Its Plan To Ban Cluster Bombs Last Year Because Of North Korea

A B-52 bomber drops cluster bombs over Afghanistan during the US invasion on October 7, 2001. Reuters/US Air Force file photo

Business Insider/Military.com: The US changed its mind about banning cluster bombs because of North Korea

The United States reversed its plan to ban cluster munitions last year and kept its dated stockpiles for one reason: North Korea, a top defense official said Friday.

"That policy change was driven by the North Korean situation," Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said.

"When we were going through our readiness exercise, we said, 'How do we prepare for North Korea?' And we looked at the munitions that are required and the munitions that were available," he said in response to questions during the annual Military Reporters & Editors conference outside Washington, DC.

Shanahan said developing a replacement for cluster bombs would take too long when faced with the North Korean threat, so the Pentagon looked to available capability.

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WNU Editor: Even if a peace treaty is signed with North Korea tomorrow, I have doubts that the U.S. will be willing to eliminate cluster munitions from its arsenal. Sadly .... there are just too many possible conflicts in the future where such a weapon may be necessary.

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