Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Russian Defense Official Threatens To 'Shoot Down' U.S. Spy Planes Over Syria

US P-8 Poseidon surveillance plane

Zero Hedge: Russia "Ready To Shoot Down" U.S. Spy Plane Behind Attacks On Airbase, Says Defense Official

A Russian defense official has doubled down on prior claims that the United States was behind a prior massive drone attack against Khmeimim Air Base near Latakia (alternately Hmeimim), which has further come under sporadic waves of attack by small armed drones which have appeared increasingly sophisticated.

Vladimir Shamanov, head of the lower parliamentary house's defense committee and a former airborne troops commander, warned, according to a translation of his Tuesday statement by Russian Market:

In case of another U.S. drone attack on Russian Military Base in Syria, Russia is ready to shoot-down that plane.

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Previous Post: Russian Deputy Defense Minister Claims Rebel Drone Attack On Russian Base In Syria Was Directed By A US Boeing Poseidon-8 Reconnaissance Plane (October 25, 2018).

WNU Editor: I would take this threat very seriously.


B.Poster said...

I would take the threat seriously as well. The initial instincts of POTUS to get us out of Syria were/are spot on. Unfortunately as if on cue the "rebels" either carried out a chemical weapons attack or staged one. This seems to have changed the entire thought process.

Unfortunately American foreign policy is generally governed by ideology as opposed a to a realistic assessment of the threats to American interests or a realistic assessment of American capabilities.

As such, real threats aren't taken as seriously as they should be and non existent threats are imagined in order to fit the ideological narrative. To make matters worse countries who should not be recognized as allies are treated as such. Much like the spouse in a bad marriage we must continue coming back to these "allies" for yet more abuse from them.

If the leadership class were to start losing loved ones or to have loved ones maimed for life carrying out the ridiculous nonsense of missions they are committing our military to, we might see a change in policies in a direction that would be far more sensible.

So, yes I would take the threat seriously. Picking fights you don't need with powerful adversaries is never sensible. As I suggested at the start, put American military assets under the command and control of Russia. This would avoid such confusion and perhaps we could add value here. As there would be cultural hurdles to overcome and there are major trust issues, we shouldn't trust them!! this is likely not feasible. Again, the initial instincts of POTUS to get us out of Syria were/are spot on. The ideological nature of American foreign policy means our leaders are easily manipulated.

Andrew Jackson said...

Bomb the Putlerites!!!!

Anonymous said...

stand up for your russkie pals...they do what they want and tough on them if we do the claim to be an
American and yet you are standing up for Russia and dumping on America!!! fake, troll, russkie, putin puppet

B.Poster said...


No where in the post did I stand up for Russia as you claim. When you lose the argument or you have no valid point to make, you resort to slurs of "fake, troll, or ruskie, putin puppet" etc.

Interestingly enough this is the same approach used by our government to try and shut down opposing points of view. By accusing them of being trolls or agents of a foreign government they hope to not have to support their positions based upon merit. I must say you learn well.

As I have pointed out previously, our main goal in Syria needs to be combat ISIS. The "rebels" we are supporting are a combination of ISIS/Al Qaeda sympathizers and actual members themselves and/or people who can't fight and aren't compatible with American interests. I patiently pointed this out from the beginning. Once realized, we can then formulate policies that will help us in this area.

Iv you have something of value to add here, please do so. I am all eyes. Otherwise don't waste my time.

kidd said...

You must get rid of yourself demons before you attack, see

Carl said...

B.Poster is spot on. I would go further and say that most of what's said about Russia, these days, is Cold War-inspired nonsense. Much of what was said about Soviet Union was off the mark--this is not to say that the Soviets didn't have actual capabilities and intentions but rather that the the propaganda from the US-British side was based on ideology rather than reality in order to promote confrontation rather than resolution of disputes, an objective that Churchill couldn't reach while FDR was alive but upon FDR's death, he found a willing sycophant in Truman. Truman practically danced a jig in Potsdam after being informed of the successful Trinity test of the atom bomb not because he thrilled at the chance to incinerate 100,000 Japanese civilians but rather because of the way the bomb would be used to shape the world vis-a-vis the Soviets after the war, and indeed it has. Unfortunately, Anglo-American policy making has not changed its approach since then.

fazman said...

They know and the U.S knows that even if the U.S crew mooned them Russia would not shoot it down, they are to far from home to get in a shooting match, and they know it.

Stephen Davenport said...

Well if they do that, then they will probably lose their air force in Syria and the US can do it with ease.

Roger Smith said...

Where's the beef? Or should I say borscht? Gimme proof. Then again, I'll bet we can do what this guy says we are doing. Seems kinda in the Russians' face or were we, if we're guilty, just probing to see what we can get away with? The Russians are said to be quite sophisticated electronically. Why aren't they jamming these drones?
Interesting the drones' attacks are getting more sophisticated, eh?