Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The World Will Be Watching The U.S. Midterm Elections Next Week

USA Today: Iran, China, S. Korea on edge awaiting results of U.S. midterm elections

WASHINGTON – When Americans go to the polls next week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be glued to the results – along with China’s Xi Jinping, Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and an array of other foreign leaders around the world.

America’s allies and enemies alike will be trying to analyze the 2018 midterms for hints of President Donald Trump’s political future and the staying power of his foreign policies – whether it’s sanctions against Iran, nuclear talks with North Korea or a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Some foreign leaders are quietly rooting for Democratic gains in Congress, hoping the opposition party will counter the Trump administration’s attacks on international agreements, his crackdown on immigration and his penchant for trade tariffs. Other countries – such as North Korea – are hoping Republicans maintain power in Washington so the president is not restrained or distracted by a hostile Congress.

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WNU Editor: The Republicans do not have many friends abroad.

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If republicans don't, Americans dont, but we also knew that.