Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Things That You Will Never See On The Main Stream Media


Anonymous said...

Warms the hearts of MAGA CHUDS everywhere!

You're earning your money today WNU!

Stephen Davenport said...

I will give Trump credit, he is a personable fellow, most politicians would have kept walking.

fred said...

Everything we "will not see on msm" is a BS trope. Fact: I saw that which the tweet says I would not see.
1. Trump was asked to stay away for a week so focus would be on mourners and not his presence
2. many GOP officials in town also said this
3. many figures would not stand by his side from both parties
4. a bad hair day indeed

Stephen Davenport said...

Well here's the thing Fred, you do not speak for me. Me thinks you are a hypocrite with huge double standards and if this was Obama you would think it was AOK for him to be there so soon. Your attitude is exactly why he is in office in the first place. You whine, complain about everything he does. Hell, Scarborough accused him of being a Nazi because Trump criticized (like all fans would) a bad decision the Dodgers made in the world series. That is how bad you people have gotten.

Anonymous said...

Would like to hear Steve's, or any MAGA CHUD's, definition of MSM.

War News Updates Editor said...

I just cannot resist.

Here are more news stories that you will not see on the U.S. main stream media.

6 Liberal Democrats Photographed With Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

Why did nobody mention that Beto O’Rourke’s wife is a billionaire heiress?

Hillary Clinton jokes that all blacks 'look alike' after interviewer confuses Eric Holder with Cory Booker

I could do this all day.

Roger Smith said...

Agreed SD. I'm waiting for the history books to be written about the 8 years of the presidential poser this country just finished enduring.

Can any reader recall any president having the need to remind you of how great he was as the prior occupant now does?

Explain to me Fred, why the dims lost both the house and senate while the 2009 Nobel Peace prize recipient was in office?

The man is a psychologically flawed individual, Fred, who was at times irrefutably dishonest and divisive with me, you, our entire country, and the world.

Anonymous said...

Trump did the right thing visiting Pittsburg. The look on his face, and the faces of his family resonates with anyone who sees paying respects for the departed as a non-partisan and very human act. His actions continue to inspire the left to new heights of coarseness and insanity, while aligning himself with decent, rational, numerous regular Americans.

Roger Smith said...

Why of course I'll help you out, Anon 10:58AM. MSM; microscopic sclerotic mind.

Now...what is a CHUD?

Anonymous said...

An alternate spelling of RUBE.

Mike Feldhake said...

Although I agree with you, our Democracy elected him into office twice. I believe the MSM was a large part of this so please keep seeking answers!

Anonymous said...

and THIS is what you think is what is righteous, American?

Not saying he should get fired for this (as I am a Republican, and not a Democrat - and actually do believe in free speech, and mean it), but he should certainly reflect on who he is, and why he is in so much pain to do this every night -- does he not see that his projection of hatred causes more hatred among all of us?

Don, just stay classy dude, I know you've got in in you, I just don't know what happened to you :/

Anonymous said...

@Stephen. Good for you, man. Don't let this Fred guy (who clearly hates -everything- the media tells him to hate -- good parrot!) tell you what's what. More importantly, if you are American, vote!

Remember: Mobs are not mobs, Spying is not spying, and "civility will only be restored when we are back in power" (Hillary).

And the way they are lashing out at all of us recently, tells me, they know they will be losing at the ballot box. There we will show them what Republicans are about! MAGA!

Anonymous said...

This clown only went cause the midterms are around the corner. He hasn't even visited the troops.

Anonymous said...

Last anon is a special kind of retard. Dude, just google how many people Trump has visited, who got shot, maimed or killed (grave/widows).. it's incredible.. and looong before midterms, like right away when his presidency started - he has the energy of 10 dragons, but you keep hating. Just go on.. see where this gets all of us.