Friday, November 30, 2018

Retired Gen. McChrystal: President Trump's Attacks On Military Service Members Are 'Disturbing'

Retired Gen. McChrystal. ABC News

The Hill: Retired Gen. McChrystal: Trump's attacks on military service members are 'disturbing'

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal on Wednesday denounced President Trump's attacks on military service members, including the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and retired Adm. William McRaven, who oversaw the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

"His discussions on Bill McRaven, as well as his previous discussions on John McCain and others have been something that’s deeply disturbing to a lot of thoughtful people,” McChrystal said on ABC's Powerhouse Politics podcast. “The fact that he would take on people in this vitriolic manner, I think is pretty upsetting to people."

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WNU Editor: These retired military service members attacked President Trump first. Should President Trump stay quiet and take it? Apparently Retired Gen. McChrystal believes he should.


Anonymous said...

What people don't get about Trump is that he treats everyone the same. ..if he feels you're an idiot, he will tell you so, no matter if you're a woman, a service member, black, or any other typically protected class.

It's so refreshing.. he's exactly what this country needed. We were heading down the road of free speech being controlled by outrage mobs... He's challenging much of that and I love it.

If we're all equal, then let's treat everyone equal. If a TV host of MSNBC or CNN can call the President literally a Nazi or retard or traitor, and get cheered on for "being brave", why shouldn't he - the leader of the free world - be able and allowed to say what he thinks?

fred said...

Trump is a fucking misfit...he refuses to go to war zone. He avoids Memorial Day because of rain...he calls McCaine a wimp etc think this draft dodger is heroic is plain foolish...he is a disgrace to our military!

Roger Smith said...

I agree Fred. I've been posting about him putting Americans back to work by the millions. I'm sure they didn't want a job. Geeze he's a jerk.

What's his problem with Iran? Putin? Xi? I think they are great guys.
Don't you? You know, I wrote him and suggested we open diplomatic relations with ISIS and he never replied! Same with Boko Harem and Al Queda. No reply!

Frankly, I'm getting tired of a growing economy. Aren't you?

fred said...

ah, Roger
I have no interest in going into what has or has not been done under are happy with him, and that is fine. I would note that he is the only modern president who popularity has never gone above 50%, no matter jobs, economy, stock market...that says something.
My concern is with the specific post and our military.

fred said...

here, Roger...for you and your main man

‘Individual 1’: Trump emerges as a central subject of Mueller probe

Anonymous said...

Why do you curse so much? The lying you do is explainable, but the cursing is not.

Anonymous said...

McCrystal is a losing general (he couldn't defeat the Taliban) who has a very big mouth. A loose cannon, so to speak. He was openly critical of Obama and Biden and so he lost his job and was forced into retirement Now he is running his mouth again, this time at President Trump, probably at the request of or hoping to be noticed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom he hitched his star to. McCrystol is deep state. Not to be trusted. Not to be beleived. Shut up General, and just "fade away" as you should.

Anonymous said...

McChrystal is a jerk that let lavender boy dismiss him.

Anonymous said...

Cohen plead guilty to lying to Congress about being off on the date of when the planning for a proposed hotel stopped.

That is what Fred, the person we are lucky that he knows how to wear shoes, is crowing about.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about how good McChrystal is.

He was outed by a Rolling Stones reporter for talking smack (however true) about Obungles.

McChrystal and his staff could get together for drinks or whatever while fighting a losing war, you have to wonder about how dedicated he was to winning or how smart he really is.