Monday, December 31, 2018

Apple Believes It Is Not OK To Kill The Taliban In A Video Game

Apple Removes Video Game That Portrays Taliban As the Enemy

Michael Peck, Task & Purpose/The National Interest: Apple Removes Video Game That Portrays Taliban As the Enemy

The U.S. government says it's okay to kill Taliban insurgents battling American troops in Afghanistan.

Apple says it's not okay to kill the Taliban in a video game.

The technology giant pulled a wargame simulating the current war in Afghanistan from its App Store last month. “Afghanistan '11 is a simulation of the U.S. campaign in Afghanistan (an expansion pack features Britain's Royal Marines). It's a detailed simulation where players assume the role of a U.S. military commander, who must perform counterinsurgency operations such as hunt and destroy Taliban fighters while not antagonizing the local population."

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WNU Editor:  It is just a game.


Anonymous said...

Out of all the war-games that they could have banned, they ban a strategy game that cares heavily about the consequences of the players actions.

what a world

Anonymous said...

I threw away a game like that. I didn't buy it. It was PC heavy. Players were flying a F22 bought and paid for by the US taxpayers for the UN. The UN has done nothing in Western Sahara, Congo, Lebanon, Korea, etc. Then UN did not stop Yugoslavia. There are good parts to the UN but the pad parts outweigh 'em.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like the Apple Company Brony, Unicorn farts, smother them with love way is going to work.

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Anonymous said...

Above posting at this site

Pentagon Report Advises The U.S. To Offer Safety And Jobs To The Taliban