Monday, December 31, 2018

CIA-Backed Afghan Forces Accused Of Terrorizing The Public And Undermining The War Effort

A member of the 02 strike force in the Bati Kot district of Nangarhar Province.CreditJim Huylebroek for The New York Times

New York Times: C.I.A.’s Afghan Forces Leave a Trail of Abuse and Anger

The fighters hold the line in the war’s toughest spots, but officials say their brutal tactics are terrorizing the public and undermining the U.S. mission.

NADER SHAH KOT, Afghanistan — Razo Khan woke up suddenly to the sight of assault rifles pointed at his face, and demands that he get out of bed and onto the floor.

Within minutes, the armed raiders had separated the men from the women and children. Then the shooting started.

As Mr. Khan was driven away for questioning, he watched his home go up in flames. Within were the bodies of two of his brothers and of his sister-in-law Khanzari, who was shot three times in the head. Villagers who rushed to the home found the burned body of her 3-year-old daughter, Marina, in a corner of a torched bedroom.

The men who raided the family’s home that March night, in the district of Nader Shah Kot, were members of an Afghan strike force trained and overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency in a parallel mission to the United States military’s, but with looser rules of engagement.

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WNU Editor: These CIA forces may be brutal in how they conduct operations, but even the New York Times admits that they are the only ones who are now holding the line against the Taliban and the Islamic State ....

.... At a time when the conventional Afghan military and police forces are being killed in record numbers across the country, the regional forces overseen by the C.I.A. have managed to hold the line against the most brutal militant groups, including the Haqqani wing of the Taliban and also Islamic State loyalists.


Anonymous said...

Not simply CIA trained. We have a substantial of number of CIA non-Afghans there fighting, according to Woodward

Unknown said...

The CIA has to be less brutal the The Taliban, so I don't know why Blowhard Woodward and groupies are all wee weed-up.

The Real Handmaid's Tale

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