Monday, December 31, 2018

Iran Confirms Hosting Taliban Delegation For Peace Talks

AFP: Iran says Afghan Taliban were in Tehran for peace talks

Tehran (AFP) - Iran said Monday that the Afghan Taliban have visited Tehran for a second round of peace talks in just a few days aimed at bringing an end to 17 years of conflict.

Iran has made a more concerted and open push for peace in neighbouring Afghanistan since US President Donald Trump indicated there would be a significant withdrawal of American troops.

"Yesterday (Sunday), a delegation of Taliban were in Tehran and lengthy negotiations were held with Iran's deputy foreign minister... (Abbas) Araghchi," said spokesman Bahram Ghasemi at a televised news conference.

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Update #1: Taliban Held Talks On Afghan Peace In Tehran (TOLO News)
Update #2: Taliban Delegation Held 'Comprehensive' Peace Talks With Iran - Tehran (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: The Taliban are now clearly going full-out in building an international consensus on how the region should react to a Taliban government in Kabul. And the region is hedging its bets that they may succeed.

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I guess the world wants the Taliban shooting women in soccer stadiums, because the women wanted to learn how to read.