Monday, December 31, 2018

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- December 31, 2018

Sputnik: Half Of French Syria Bases Have Gaps in Defence as US Troops Leaving – Reports

US troops pulling out of Syria would be leaving their posts from half of the French bases in the region, Turkish media reported Sunday, while exposing the locations of 9 French-occupied sites.

There are at least nine French bases scattered across northern Syria, the investigation carried out by Anadolu Agency revealed, noting that France had expanded its presence in the region since March when the media counted only five French bases.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- December 31, 2018

Turkish media reveals half of French bases in Syria to get gaps in defenses once US troops withdraw -- RT

US army withdraws from military base in Syrian city of Hasakah -- Al Arabiya

Trump 'orders US troops to slow down Syria withdrawal' -- SKY News

Trump defends Syria troop withdrawal as 'doing what I said I was going to do' -- The Hill

Trump hasn't ordered Afghan troop withdrawal, White House says -- Bloomberg

Pentagon Prioritises Offensive Hypersonic Weapon Amid Russia's Advance – Report -- Sputnik

Navy Pushes Hypersonic Weapon Plan as Putin Boasts He Already Has Them -- Defense Tech/

Mach 5 Arms Race: The U.S. Military Is Racing to Build Hypersonic Weapons -- National Interest

Airport: US Military jet slides off runway during training -- Air Force Times

Four big questions for the Air Force in 2019 -- Valerie Insinna, Defense News

Huntington Ingalls awarded contract for additional work on carrier USS Enterprise -- UPI

Soldiers In Texas Are Putting The Army's Newest Marksman Rifle Through Its Paces -- Warzone/The Drive

Army's Search for Robots Sparks Industry Battle -- AP

DARPA program blending robots in the squad to find and destroy threats -- Military Times

Tickling atoms, Captain America shields and jumping robots: Here are some of the top tech advances from Army scientists in 2018 -- Army Times

Should the Army look at creating heavy-light infantry combinations for the near-peer fight? This captain thinks so. -- Army Times

Mattis farewell: Our department is ‘at its best when times are the most difficult’ -- The Hill

Shanahan poised to rewire the Pentagon with Mattis out -- Defense News

US urges Pacific allies to boost their military presence in South China Sea -- Stars and Stripes

Russia Military News 2018: Historic Year for Vladimir Putin as New Weapons, Strategy Aim to Challenge U.S. -- Newsweek

Russia eyes missile defense buildup on disputed isles near Hokkaido -- The Japan Times

Russian army to get new missile complex S-350 Vityaz in 2019 -- Reuters

Russian security agency arrests 'US spy' in Moscow -- BBC

After heavy investment, China’s next generation of weapons and military equipment nears readiness -- SCMP

China's Navy Now Has a Super Weapon America's Navy Lacks: A Railgun -- National Interest

Experts criticize Japan's radar claim -- UPI

Finally declassified: Swedish pilots awarded US Air Medals for saving SR-71 spy plane -- Air Force Times

The Biggest Nuclear Threats of 2018 Will Follow Us into the New Year -- Joe Cirincione, Defense One


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Will France be the next to pull out?

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