Sunday, December 30, 2018

More News On The Dispute Over The Yemeni Port Of Hodeida

DW: Yemen government disputes rebel withdrawal from Hodeida port

Shiite rebels said they handed over control of the key Red Sea port of Hodeida to local officials as part of a ceasefire deal with Yemen's Saudi-backed government. But pro-government forces have cast doubt on the claim.

Shiite Houthi rebels have begun to withdraw from the key port in the Red Sea city of Hodeida as part of a deal reached in peace talks in Sweden earlier this month, a United Nations official said Saturday.

But the Yemeni government has disputed the withdrawal claim, calling it a ploy by the rebels to maintain control of the strategic area.

Military and local Hodeida officials loyal to the government have said the Houthis placed loyalist administrators and fighters in both the port management and the coast guard.

"It's a stage play in which the Houthis handed over the port to their fighters after they put on coast guard uniforms," said Hodeida Governor al-Hassan Taher.

Another pro-government official has called on the UN to put in place a "clear mechanism" to ensure a fair recruitment process at these facilities.

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More News On The Dispute Over The Yemeni Port Of Hodeida

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