Monday, December 31, 2018

Some Of The Developers Behind Russia's Hypersonic Weapons Program Have Been Accused Of Being Spies

MiG-31K with hypersonic missile "Kinzhal" /

Anna Nemtsova & David Axe, Daily Beast: Putin Claimed His Hypersonic Missiles Were Invincible. Then He Jailed the Developers.

Back in the ‘re-set’ era, Russian scientists collaborated with the West to develop hypersonic re-entry vehicles. Now the FSB claims some of those scientists were spies.

MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin frequently boasts about this country’s new hypersonic nuclear weapons, intercontinental missiles capable of flying 20 times faster than the speed of sound. The Russian leader reminds the world again and again that because of these weapons no anti-missile system can deprive Russia of its military power, simply because nobody has “invincible” missiles as fast as Russia’s and nobody else has its secret technology.

But when Putin praises the scientists who design the rockets he neglects to mention that some of the most brilliant minds behind Russian hypersonic research are behind bars, under investigation for treason and accused of leaking secrets to foreign colleagues now classified as enemies of the Motherland.

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WNU editor:  These Russian scientists are being used by the Kremlin as an example to other scientists that collaborating with Western scientists may have a price.


Roger Smith said...

And I used to think Stalin had died.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm very much pro-jailing of spies... when Americans or "westerners" get caught, it usually means death penalty or labour camp (which is like death just slower).case in point: China has executed about 20 CIA spies over the last two decades. Do you know that plaque at CIA headquarters, with the stars of fallen spies? Nearly a third have been executed by China.

Let that sink in. Within the shortest period of time, China almost killed more American spies than everyone else combined.

And what do we do with Chinese spies? Why let them walk around freely in Washington and Silicon Valley. Often only short prison sentences. The US used to be tough on spies. Now the worst that a Chinese spy fears is being sent to a boring part in the US, or even worse to a job where they only pull 100k,pretending to be a low level American exec or lobbyist.

We're losing this war if we don't take our gloves off. Chinese are bitchslapping us around and we still stand there with our gloves on. Round after round, year after year. Bebte taking heads on cnn and other networks want us to talk about stormy Daniels etc. That's at the root of our democracy. Failed information strategies. That's why most of the population thinks Russia Russia while the killing and stealing (it's beyond stealing - we need a different word for when a country steals trillions (!)..that's outright murder because those resources could have helped millions) is done by China.

And they even have concentration camps and the media decides to ignore it. Why? Because most people will turn off when presented with two competing narratives: Russia and China. So for whatever reason that cnn and msnbc choose, they decide that most of the population-for two years (!) Nonstop should be hypnotised by the Russia narrative. And choose to ignore China.

Again. When will CNN be investigated? Their ties to China and Turkey/Erdogan via


Anonymous said...

why not close down all media?