Monday, December 31, 2018

U.N. Accuses Houthi Rebels Of Stealing Food Aid Putting At Risk Millions With Famine

BBC: Yemen war: WFP accuses Houthi rebels of diverting food aid

The World Food Programme has demanded Yemen's rebel Houthi movement stops diverting desperately needed food aid from people in areas under its control.

A survey by the UN agency said people in the capital Sanaa had not received rations to which they were entitled.

The WFP said lorries were illegally removing food from distribution areas, with rations sold on the open market or given to those not entitled to it.

There was no response from the Houthis, but they have denied diverting aid.

The UN says some 20 million Yemenis are food insecure and that 10 million of them do not know how they will obtain their next meal.

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WNU Editor: The UN is blunt in its report. They are basically saying the Houthis have broken their agreement on withdrawing from the port of Hodeida .... UN Calls out Yemen's Houthi Rebels over Peace Gestures (VOA/AP)

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Jac said...

Houthis are supported by Iran, not for food but for weapon only. The logic is: blame the West.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Like Farah Aidid, Iran uses starvation as a weapon of war.

In the name of the Iranian people this is what the Ayatollahs do.

AP’s investigation found that large amounts of food are making it into the country, but once there, the food often isn’t getting to people who need it most — raising questions about the ability of United Nations agencies and other big aid organizations to operate effectively in Yemen.

Blood on Jay's hands.

January 1, 2019 at 8:02 AM
Michael Feldhake said...
This is a common problem; back in the 80's and 90's Aid made it to the Sudan filling warehouses, but that's where it staid as warlords used it for control. The UN cannot fix this because they would have to admit people are bad in some regions of the world, and they would fall apart. Sad truth!

Anonymous said...

"Each month in Sanaa, he said, at least 15,000 food baskets that the education ministry was supposed to provide to hungry families were instead diverted to the black market or used to feed Houthi militiamen serving on the front lines."

"Half of the food baskets that the U.N. food program provides to Houthi-controlled areas are stored and distributed by the ministry, which is chaired by the brother of the rebels’ top leader.."

Jay's hands are dripping with blood.





Anonymous said...

AP Investigation: Food aid stolen as Yemen starves