Monday, December 31, 2018

U.S. Senator Graham: President Trump Is 'Slowing Down' Syria Withdrawal

Business Insider: Lindsey Graham suggests Trump may have changed his mind on pulling troops out of Syria: 'I think the president's going to finish the job when it comes to ISIS'

* Senator Lindsey Graham may have changed President Trump's mind about pulling troops out of Syria.
* "I think the president's going to finish the job when it comes to ISIS," Graham told reporters after meeting with President Trump Sunday.
* Trump's decision earlier this month to order his staff to execute the "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of US military from Syria was met with harsh criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike.

"We are in a pause situation," said Senator Lindsey Graham on pulling out US troops from Syria.

After a White House lunch with President Trump, Graham indicated that Trump may have changed his mind on on the highly criticized decision to pull out of Syria.

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Anonymous said...

John Kelly Confirms He Was Lying All Along: The White House Is in Chaos

In an exit interview, the outgoing chief of staff tries to protect his legacy

Anonymous said...


1) Tax cuts passed; Economy up

2) Sentencing and Prison Reform passed after 2 decades

3) President clearly articulates his intent, vision, and policy of not over extending America of not being the world policeman.

4) President clearly articulates his intent, vision, and policy for border security; Democrats do not. They forbid this or that, but do not clearly articulate any policy. They did throw 2X what the president asked-for for the wall at Central America down the pisser.

5) America exporting oil and headed to energy independence. Keystone Pipeline done (Phases 1, 2, & 3 complete).

Billionaire Warren Buffet no longer making as much $$$ from transporting same oil more expensively and dangerously by rail.

Further effect of Keystone is that Middle America gas prices instead of being artificially low are market prices. This should make Greens happy, but it does not, because they are religious zealots, who are uneducated.

Anonymous said...

pres articulates vision. changes vision the following day...military guys work with Trump to keep him from full nuttiness...they step down or get fired. tax break adds mountains to deficit. middle class gets small tax break goof for one year...not done: wall, closing gap on middle class wage s; loss of middle care bubble. infrastructure.
Lelqavlew Kurds out to fend for themselves and let Russia and Iran buddy up with Assad. No idea what to do about Iran....Dems take over the House and a lot to come out that has been kept from them by GOP

Anonymous said...

Tax rates went down. Revenues went up year over year.

Fucking ass Congress decided to spend more because of baseline budgeting creating the deficit.

When a husband has a pay increase every year, but the wife increases the household budget more than his pay raise, there is going to be a household deficit.


Anonymous said...

"Lelqavlew Kurds" ???

See a doctor, you may have brain cancer. Or you may be a liberal. Clinically it is hard to tell the two apart.

Anonymous said...

education bubble: Obama created it. He took over student aid and it mushroomed.

Anonymous said...

"middle class gets small tax break goof for one year"

You goofed for 1 year?

That can be looked at different ways.

- One that is all the Democrats let pass (i.e. compromise).

- You have the spectre of it sunsetting so as to have an issue and leverage to force communists like Pelosi back to the table.

Anonymous said...

"let Russia and Iran buddy up with Assad"

News flash or in your case we should say FLASH FLASH FLASH since you are so benighted.

Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Syria were established in July 1944, and an agreement was signed in February 1946 ensuring Soviet support for Syrian independence ahead of the evacuation of French troops in April 1946. In 1971, under an agreement with President Hafez al-Assad, the Soviet Union was allowed to open its naval military base in Tartus

Iran and Syria have had a strategic alliance ever since the Iran–Iraq War

Anon 11:23 your reasoning is so poor that you make kindergarten kids look like Einstein by comparison.