Thursday, January 31, 2019

New U.S. Aircraf Carrier Still Has Problems Launching And Landing Aircraft

President Donald Trump delivers remarks aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Business Insider: The vital US Navy aircraft carrier system Trump is obsessed over keeps failing, running up costs

* President Donald Trump has taken a near obsessive interest in the catapults on the US Navy's $13 billion USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, and a new report says it's continuing to fail and may never work.
* The Pentagon's weapon tester will issue a report on the Ford saying the supercarrier continues to fail at its fundamental task: launching and landing aircraft.
* Trump frequently goes off on tangents bashing the new system of electromagnetic catapults to launch US Navy jets, and it looks like he's basically right.

President Donald Trump does not micromanage the Pentagon as his predecessor did, but since taking office he's taken a near obsessive interest in a particular system aboard the US Navy's $13 billion USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier.

And according to a new oversight report to be released from the Defense Department's operational test office, Trump was right to worry.

The Navy's Ford-class aircraft carrier, the first carrier design in decades that was meant to revolutionize naval warfare, continues to fail at a fundamental task: Launching and landing aircraft.

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WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. More money will need to be spent to solve this problem.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Michael Cohen The Fixer?

Anonymous said...

What a humiliation and tremendous loss of prestige for the U.S if China fields a working magnetic catapult.