Thursday, January 31, 2019

U.S. - Russian Nuclear Talks To Save The INF Treaty Have Collapsed

Reuters: U.S. to stop complying with nuclear pact with Russia after talks flop

BEIJING/MOSCOW (Reuters) - The United States will stop complying with a landmark nuclear pact with Russia as soon as this weekend after last-ditch talks with Moscow to save it fell flat, a senior U.S. arms control official said on Thursday.

Washington has long accused Russia of flouting the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), alleging that a new Russian missile, the Novator 9M729, called the SSC-8 by NATO, violates the pact, which bans either side from stationing short- and intermediate-range, land-based missiles in Europe.

Russia denies that, saying the missile’s range puts it outside the treaty, and has accused the United States of inventing a false pretext to exit a treaty Washington wants to leave anyway so as to develop new missiles. It has also rejected a U.S. demand to destroy the new missile.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. will withdraw from the INF treaty this Saturday. I am just surprised that aside from nuclear arms control advocates, there has been very little political opposition in Washington against President Trump on this decision. It appears that the Democrats are more focused on this .... Top Democrats introduce bill to prevent US from striking first with nuclear weapons (Stars and Stripes/Washington Post).

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Unknown said...

The INF is dead.Probably the single most important nuclear arms control and reduction treaty since it pretty much paved the way for the end of the Cold War.

Anonymous said...

The Cold War ended in the period of 1989 to 1991, when the Berlin Wall Fell and the Soviet Union dissolved due to inability to satisfy the basic needs of its citizens.

But go ahead and try to rewrite history.

In 1992 there was a drop off in military spending. Funny how that came after the fall of the USSR.

Anonymous said...

The democrats are worried that Trump is going to start a nuclear war with Putin, oh the irony.

Anonymous said...

We are in the 3rd year of the Trump presidency. My anti-Trump, brainwashed family members told me there would be a world war. If you are going to predict stuff you had better have an accuracy than 50% and a 'point spread' of less than 2 or 4 years.

I was promised a war and I want a God Damned war God Damn it. If you smear a person, a party or a whole group of people as war mongers, you had better get you prediction right.

It looks like we will get a war, because the peaceniks, starve the military party, will bumblefuck its way into one, while screaming for the blood of the Russian leadership.

Trump could be president for 8 years and if there would be nowhere, the Democrats and media will never apology for the warmonger/nuclear war smear. They will come up with something generic and basically indescribable that they did that prevented Trump from being Trump and launching all nuclear war. It is their MO, Smear & Move On.

Anonymous said...

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Bob Huntley said...