Thursday, January 31, 2019

Why 5G Is Important To The U.S. And Chinese Military

SCMP: Why 5G, a battleground for US and China, is also a fight for military supremacy

* Next-generation networks will be vital to future military operations, raising the stakes between those developing the technology
* It may be easier to hack 5G, but strategic motivations are also behind concerns of the United States, experts say

Apart from its tremendous commercial benefits, 5G – the fifth generation of mobile communication – is revolutionising military and security technology, which is partly why it has become a focal point in the United States’ efforts to contain China’s rise as a tech power and its allegations against Chinese companies.

The future landscape of warfare and cybersecurity could be fundamentally changed by 5G. But experts say 5G is more susceptible to hacking than previous networks, at a time of rising security concerns and US-China tensions on various interconnected fronts that include trade, influence in the Asia-Pacific region and technological rivalry.

These tensions provide the backdrop to controversy surrounding Huawei, the world’s largest telecoms equipment supplier.

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WNU Editor: A brief but useful summary on why 5G is (and will be) important for every military force in the world.

Update: U.S. wants Western tech to be used instead of Huawei kit (Reuters).

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