Thursday, February 28, 2019

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Answers A Question From A Foreign Journalist For The First Time

Al Jazeera: In a summit first, Kim responds to foreign journalists' questions

North Korean leader takes questions from foreign reporters during his summit with US President Donald Trump in Hanoi.

Some 3,000 journalists from 40 countries descended this week in Vietnam's Hanoi to cover the second summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, at the start of the second day of high-stakes talks on denuclearisation, one of them shouted at the North Korean leader.

"Chairman Kim, are you confident?" David Nakamura, of the Washington Post, asked as the two men sat down before a one-on-one session.

What followed was almost certainly unprecedented.

"It is too early to tell. I would not make a prediction," Kim said, after leaning back slightly to hear his interpreter's whispers. "But my instinct is that good results will come out," he added in his typically gravelly voice, in what was believed to be his first ever response to a foreign journalist.

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WNU Editor: Not to be outdone. President Trump took a question from a Russian news agency .... Trump dares take question from RUSSIAN media, world stops turning (RT).

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