Thursday, February 28, 2019

World News Briefs -- February 28, 2019 (Evening Edition)

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump talk in the garden of the Metropole hotel during the second North Korea-U.S. summit in Hanoi, Vietnam February 28, 2019. REUTERS/Leah Millis

Reuters: North Korean leader Kim and Trump to continue talks to resolve problems discussed at Hanoi: KCNA

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump decided to continue productive talks to resolve problems discussed at their Hanoi summit, in order to bring about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and groundbreaking progress in the North Korea-U.S. relationship, state media KCNA said on Friday.

The two leaders had a constructive and sincere exchange of views on practical issues to open a new age in improving North Korea-U.S. relations, KCNA said.

The two leaders saw that efforts and proactive measures taken by both sides to ease tension, propel peace and bring about complete denuclearization on the Korean peninsula has been gravely meaningful in encouraging trust between them and fundamentally changing the distrust and inimical relationship that had continued between the two countries for decades, KCNA said.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be indicted on bribe and fraud charges.

Gaza protest deaths: Israel may have committed war crimes - UN.

IS holdout in Syria retaken in a week: commander.

How thousands are leaving IS's last Syria holdout.

Damascus calls on Syrians to leave camp near Jordan border.

Iran power struggle continues as Zarif keeps top diplomatic post.

U.S., Saudi Arabia and UK back 'global coalition' for Jordan.

U.S. lawmakers press for oversight of any Saudi nuclear deal.


North Korea disputes Trump’s account of talks breakdown.

South Korea says failure to reach nuclear deal ‘unfortunate’.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un cut short their nuclear summit after failing to reach deal.

N Korean FM says Pyongyang seeks partial not complete sanctions relief - Reports.

Trump: I 'trust' Kim's promise he won't resume nuclear, missile tests.

Trump-Kim summit 2019: Xi could be ‘more helpful’, says US president.

India-Pakistan conflict: Pakistan PM Imran Khan leader calls for talks after Indian Air Force pilot captured.

Pakistan pledges to release captive Indian fighter pilot.

India-Pakistan tensions force airlines to cancel and reroute flights.

India's economy slows ahead of national election.


Huge blast rocks Somali capital, killing at least five: police.

South Sudan peace deal breaking up, church warns.

President Buhari's win challenged by Nigeria's opposition.

29 killed as ethnic violence grips NW Nigeria.

Libya rivals agree to hold polls: UN.

Sudan police fire tear gas as protesters defy ban.

Comoros opposition in joint call for fair vote.

Mozambique sues Credit Suisse in debt scandal.

Egypt train crash: Investigators say driver to blame.


Activist lawyer takes big lead in polls ahead of Slovak presidential vote.

Kremlin says U.S. cyberattacks on Russia are 'the reality we live in'.

Russia's Putin hopes for quick settlement of India-Pakistan crisis: Kremlin.

Britain's Labour Party leader backs Brexit referendum.

EU angers UK with support for Spain's Gibraltar airport claims.

Russia's TurkStream 2 pipeline in Bulgaria sparks EU energy worries.

Sweden arrests suspected Russian spy in Stockholm.

Moscow court orders US investor Calvey to stay in detention.

Nazi-era mass grave discovered on building site in Belarus.


Trump warns he could abandon China trade deal as advisers tout progress.

SNC-Lavalin: Trudeau denies wrongdoing in corruption case.

U.S. economic growth slows moderately in fourth quarter.

Former Trump lawyer back in Congress for third day of testimony. Trump's ex-lawyer Cohen to return before U.S. Congress on March 6.

Venezuela’s Guaido plans to go home despite safety concerns. Venezuela's Guaido vows to return to Caracas despite threat of prison.

Venezuela's Guaido to meet Brazil's president in anti-Maduro push.

Venezuelan politician accuses Maduro's regime of sneaking 8 tons of gold worth more than $300 MILLION from country's central bank to sell it on the international market.

Venezuelans cross into Colombia despite border closure.

Nicaragua resumes talks over political crisis after long delay. Nicaragua talks on crisis begin, dozens of prisoners freed.


Trump surprises allies, claims US-backed forces reclaimed 100% of ISIS territory in Syria.

Trump wrongly says Islamic State holds no land in Syria.

Mass grave with dozens of decapitated bodies found in last ISIS enclave: 'They were slaughtered'.

Germany investigates why deported 9/11 terrorist was given prison wages.

Defence sums up in Brussels Jewish museum terror trial.


U.S. stocks edge downward as Wall Street takes a pause.

Tesla launches long-awaited standard Model 3 starting at $35,000.

US defeats China at WTO in vast grain-subsidy case, after accusing Beijing of US$100 billion price propping.

‘Painful’ enforcement ahead for China if trade war deal is reached with US insisting on unilateral terms.

Huawei units plead not guilty to U.S. trade secret theft.

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