Sunday, March 31, 2019

Chinese Troops In Venezuela

WNU Editor: I guess these Chinese soldiers came in with this flight .... Venezuela welcomes arrival of Chinese medical aid (Anadolu Agency).


Anonymous said...

Hopefully now the people who scream Russia, Russia, Russia:, will now see the bigger picture.

But they won't The Collusion story was created by actual colluders for the shear purpose of amassing total political power for the principals of the Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

The Cubans were already in Venezuela providing medical coverage.

Did they screw up?

Did the socialist dig a whole so deep now they need Chinese assistance on top of Cuban assistance?

"‘It Is Unspeakable’: How Maduro Used Cuban Doctors to Coerce Venezuela Voters" - NYT

Maybe the Chinese are needed, because the Cuban doctors were not doing enough doctoring.

Maybe they were using the Hillary Clinton Medical-Political playbook. You vote our way our no medicine. Great Minds think alike!

"But with President Nicolás Maduro’s re-election on the line, not everyone was allowed to be treated, Dr. Arias said." - NYT

Anonymous said...

Like the Russians, the Chinese have made lots of loans to Venezuela. The Communist Party is merely protecting its investments.

Anonymous said...

Loan sharks have got to protect their investment from the people their fleecing via their corrupt and inept leaders.

Pro-tip. When you are fleecing sheep or people due not shear all the way to a subdermal layer.

Joe blowes said...

Why don't you move 200;000 troops there China see what trump will do suckers