Sunday, March 31, 2019

This Tracked Robot Can Carry The U.S. Army's Heavy Gear

The RS-2 H1 packbot during a 60 mile march through Georgia. Howe & Howe

Popular Mechanics: Grizzly Is a Rugged Tank Robot That Could Carry a Soldier’s Stuff

The tracked robot could haul an infantry squad’s heavy equipment, freeing soldiers to move more quickly.

The modern solider is overburdened, so defense researchers have been trying to invent new ways to lighten the load, such as wearable exoskeletons that shoulder some of the weight. Now, here comes the latest possible solution, a tracked robot designed to operate with Army ground forces, carrying important, heavy gear.

The Grizzly, developed by Textron Systems, could carry extra small arms ammunition, anti-tank weapons, mines, medical equipment, and other gear. Having a rugged robot carry this cargo could make ground forces more heavily armed but more agile on the battlefield.

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WNU Editor: I am surprised that these tools have not been deployed on the battlefield, especially for small units that must carry a lot of gear.

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As a former Grunt I agree!