Monday, April 29, 2019

Is Russia Getting The U.S. Message?

The Abraham Lincoln and John C. Stennis carrier strike groups conducted carrier strike force operations in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of responsibility. (MC3 Jeremiah Bartelt/U.S. Navy)

Matthew Bodner, Defense News: US rolls ‘100K tons of international diplomacy’ into the Med. Will Russia get the message?

ABOARD THE CARRIER ABRAHAM LINCOLN IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA — A commercial airline pilot has a lot of leeway on landing. Airport runways are long and wide, and the flight crew has time to get things just right before setting the wheels down gently. On an aircraft carrier, this is not the case. One minute you are flying, and the next moment — before your body can work out what it is enduring — you are not.

Defense News experienced a carrier landing firsthand on April 23, hitting the deck of the Abraham Lincoln aboard a U.S. Navy C-2A Greyhound aircraft with U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman and Adm. James Foggo, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe. The purpose of the visit was twofold — to kick off a dual-carrier exercise with sister ship John C. Stennis on April 24, and to deliver a sternly worded message to Russia: Stand down.

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WNU Editor: Is the U.S. getting the message? That this is no longer a uni-polar world with the U.S. at the head. I think some do. But we are creatures of habit, and we will repeat what we think works. And while it may be impressive to send a carrier strike group into the Mediterranean Sea, the old ways of conducting diplomacy by using the military as your hammer will not have the impact that many in Washington are hoping for.


Mike Feldhake said...

WNU Editor; I agree, there are other tech areas where the 'axis' play (I.e. Dark web), but this still has effect. It's not just the US show of force, Spain was there leading the pack! That's a statement. For China; don't forget it's just not the US, it's Japan and Taiwan, Australia, the U.K. France etc etc. that is the statement.

BTW; anyone see the article about how Crypto currencies have imploded. Very interesting!

bn said...

Tell that to putin and the invasion/occupation of Ukraine

Bob Huntley said...


Anonymous said...

The Middle East today has got the message that the USA produces on any given day as much oil and gas as Saudi Arabia. That’s a message louder than carrier battle groups.
Think on that.

Anonymous said...

The traditional balance is changing and reforming. Recognizing a new reality is a challenge that suffers from our gift of imagination. We see what things might be. We are good at seeing the possibilities. Some confusion results from the differing theories. It takes time to assess and discard the false theories and to give further study to the plausible ones. There is risk. This is why Nature encourages or allows competing life forms to exist and prove their merit. For most of us smaller life forms, our only option is to adapt. But democracy offers one more option: observe, think, and vote thougtfully.

RussInSoCal said...

Actually there are two US CSG's presently in the Med. Lincoln and Stennis. Both at their respective fleet boundaries. Stennis transited Hormuz/Suez, Lincoln transited Gibraltar. Each group (5 ships each) able to monitor and defend an area the size of Texas.

They will do figure 8's in the Med - workups and such with our NATO allies and their aircraft carriers. Ports of call in Lisbon, Naples, Malta. Greece maybe.

Rest and Relaxation. Intoxication and Intercourse. Better ports for Stennis through Asia back and forth from Bremerton, WA. Lincoln is screwed - all the way back to Norfolk. .

I think Putin fully appreciates the difficulties associated with operating an aircraft carrier (in the Med) - which needed a full time civilian Ocean Tug in close escort. Which made Kuznetzov an open source track beacon. (it also belched black smoke)

It must rankle him to watch US nuke flat-tops wander about the friendly warm waters of the Med, visiting our many NATO allies - who are paying much more now - with only the Iranians able to offer any kind of harassment.



Andrew Jackson said...

Death to Putler!

B.Poster said...

"Is the US getting the message? That this is no longer a uni-polar world with the US at the head." "I think some do." Essentially I realized this over 15 years ago and have been patiently pointing this out. Apparently reality has simply become to glaring for "some" to blithely ignore. In fact, IMHO the biggest problem with US foreign policy over the last 20+ years has been the failure to understand this. If one makes decisions based upon false narratives and beliefs, it is unlikely to end well for the one making such decisions based upon false narratives and beliefs.

As to grasping reality, its nice to see that "some" finally get it. Better late than never but hopefully not to late!! Due in large part to misguided beliefs, American foreign policy in the 21st century has largely been a disaster. Bottom line: Russia and China are equal to America and in some ways likely stronger than America. Operate based upon an understanding of reality and good things are possible. Ignore reality and good things generally will not happen. This does NOT mean we are going to agree with them on everything but if we MUST confront them it is vital that this is done based upon an understanding of reality and not wed to an ideology/false narrative.

"But we are creatures of habit..." These old ways have not "worked." One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. At this point in time, the effect of sending the carrier groups into the Mediterranean Sea is very likely to have the exact the opposite effect of what is thought. Potential supporters will see that these have little effect against countries with the military power of Russia, China, or even Iran as Iranian speedboats are likely to quickly overwhelm such a vessel at a time of their choosing. (What happens after this action by Iran is unknown. Do they want to take the chance? Bottom line: the US will have to be very wary about how it deploys this thus limiting the effectiveness of this.) As such, they will be less likely to support us. As for adversaries and potential adversaries, this will likely only strengthen their resolve. I would liken it to sticking one's hand in a beehive!!

As such, this action by in and of itself would seem to have negative utility for American interests and as an added "bonus" its extremely costly. Again, doing the same things over and over again that aren't working are one definition of insanity. Furthermore the lives of our airmen and sailors are endangered for no good reason or so it would appear should someone decide to push the envelope and challenge this. With that said perhaps this deployment working in concert with the fact that America is now a major oil and gas producer may mean the dynamics have changed and perhaps this action can have a positive impact in the advancement of American interests.

A S A said...

What do we call a poster that never has a bad word to say about Russia; usually says bad things about America; posts throughout the day when he claims to have a fulltime job in Texas?

B.Poster said...

"What do you call a poster that never has a bad word to say about Russia;" While I have generally refrained from much of the hysterical over the top criticisms that have emanated from the political establishment and the much of the news media, I think your assessment of never having a bad word to say is inaccurate. I have pointed out multiple times on this website that the Russian leadership tends to be arrogant and they tend to overreach. I've also recently pointed out that we are now in Cold War 2 whether we like it or not and much has to do with Russian leadership. When they had chances to reduce tensions they oftentimes did not act on these opportunities. You may have missed this.

"usually says bad things about America;" I have oftentimes been critical of our country's foreign policy. I think of this as constructive critique to try and make things better. Perhaps you mean by failure to say anything bad means failing to blindly accept whatever media narrative on anything we are being fed. Inquisitive people who wish to improve and to learn try to examine things from all angles and try to carefully examine all of the available evidence and try and reach an informed conclusion. Besides the tax cuts and regulatory forms implemented by Trump are good things which I have pointed out on this website multiple times. Maybe you missed it. "posts throughout the day when he claims to have a fulltime job in Texas?" Actually my posting has been very sporadic of late because I have been and continue to be very busy at work.

As for the "claim." it is accurate. I will post again. My name is Robert Foshee. I am a Certified Public Accountant. My company website is Anyone wishing to contact me can do so through the website. As for what we call me, I would call me an American who tries to stay informed, tries to learn and improve, and tires to contribute constructively to these threads where and when possible. If I see things that I believe based upon what I firmly to be a thorough analysis to be in error and in need of constructive critique, I will do so. I think this is what informed people do.

Now what would we call you? "Troll" perhaps. Based upon the definition I think a case could be made that the description fits. If you have something constructive to add, please do so. You can start by looking at the posts above mine for examples on constructive comments.

I think it a given that American foreign policy in the 21st century has been a disaster. To cite examples, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and now Venezuela appears headed in this direction. Hopefully I am wrong about Venezuela as this one is not known yet. I don't see any reasonable way to argue that any of this has been a success.

As the editor points out, the days of a uni-polar world are over. As I point out, they have been for a long time and it is my considered opinion that much of what is wrong with American foreign stems from a failure to recognize this situation. I think you sought to impugn my character in hopes of quashing the points made without having to address them. Again, if you have something constructive to add, please do so. Other wise don't waste valuable time.