Friday, May 31, 2019

China Warns Canada There Are Consequences If They Side With The U.S.

Reuters: China hopes Canada understands consequences of siding with U.S.

BEIJING (Reuters) - China hopes Canada understands the consequences of siding with the United States and doing its bidding, China’s foreign ministry said on Friday, after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence called for the release of two Canadians detained in China.

Chinese authorities detained Canadian businessman Michael Spavor and former diplomat Michael Kovrig in December, shortly after Canada arrested China-based Huawei Technologies Co Ltd’s Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, on a U.S. warrant.

She faces extradition to the United States on charges she conspired to defraud global banks about Huawei’s relationship with a company operating in Iran. She and the company have denied the charges and China has called for her release.

Asked about Pence comments that U.S. President Donald Trump would speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the detained Canadians at a G20 meeting in Japan in June, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang implied Canada was to blame for its problems in China.

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Update #1: China tells Canada of 'consequences' of helping US (FOX News/AP)
Update #2: China warns Canada against siding with US in trade war (The Hill)

WNU Editor: No Canadian response yet to this Chinese threat.


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Anonymous said...

Funny, considering Chinese nationals will number among the biggest losers when Canada's housing bubble pops. And why would a country whose only border is with the world's sole superpower and their largest trading partner would oppose them and side with a nation across an ocean? The Chinese are getting desperate and running out of cards to play.

Antitroll said...

You clearly don't follow politics if you think usa is the sole superpower. Or you're a delusional, opiod addicted Yankee. I feel both statements suit you