Friday, May 31, 2019

Saudi King Denounces Iran At Emergency Summit In Mecca

Al Jazeera: Saudi king blasts Iran for 'naked aggression' in the Gulf

King Salman also presses the international community to 'use all means' to stop Tehran from regional meddling.

Saudi Arabia's king has accused the kingdom's key rival, Iran, of developing nuclear and ballistic missiles which threaten regional and global stability, telling regional leaders that action is needed to stop Iranian "escalations" following a series of attacks on oil assets in the Gulf.

The comments by King Salman Abdul Aziz came as Saudi Arabia on Thursday hosted in Mecca emergency meetings of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League to counter what it said was Iran's growing influence.

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WNU Editor: Iran has responded .... Iran rejects 'baseless' Arab summit accusations: state media (Reuters). More here .... Iran rejects Saudi Arabia's 'baseless' allegations at Arab summit (Al Jazeera)

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Baseless? What fantasy world are they living in? Beside the Islamic..

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Baseless as in: they feel they only reacted. Others started. You know how it goes. Round and round. So wasteful and stupid.