Friday, May 31, 2019

The Case For The U.S. Military To Dominate Space

Forbes: U.S. Needs 'Fighter' Satellites And Supremacy In Space, Zubrin Argues

In “The Case for Space” --- Robert Zubrin’s refreshingly candid, excellent new book, the longtime space advocate argues that the U.S. needs to get to work deploying both ASATs (anti-satellite weapons) and fighter satellites in Earth orbit. His book’s plea comes when addressing how to best ensure that we as a nation are able to develop and use our near-Earth space environment.

As Zubrin adroitly and succinctly insists in his book, “We must seek to totally outgun [potential adversaries] by obtaining a radical technological advantage. This can be done by achieving space supremacy.”

Zubrin argues that if the Axis powers had merely had reconnaissance satellites during World War II, and the Allies had no space-based assets, then the Battle of the Atlantic would have gone to the U-boats and Britain would ultimately have fallen. The U.S. would have lost the Battle of Midway and the Japanese would have destroyed what remained of the U.S. Navy after Pearl Harbor, he writes. This one element of space power, notes Zubrin, would have been enough to win the war.

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WNU Editor: Space is the new high ground, but the U.S. is not the only country that wants to dominate it.