Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Venezuela President Maduro Declares Vctory Over Coup Attempt

The Guardian: Venezuela crisis: Maduro claims victory over 'deranged' US-backed coup attempt

President blames Trump imperialists and ‘coup-mongering far right’ for plot put down by military

Nicolás Maduro claimed his troops have thwarted a botched attempt to topple him masterminded by Venezuela’s “coup-mongering far right” and Donald Trump’s deranged imperialist “gang”.

In an hour-long address to the nation on Tuesday night – his first since the pre-dawn uprising began – Maduro accused opposition leader Juan Guaidó and his political mentor Leopoldo López of seeking to spark an armed confrontation that might be used as a pretext for a foreign military intervention.

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WNU Editor: Something tells me that tomorrow is going to be a bad day for Venezuela .... Venezuela: Guaido urges military to join May 1 protest (DW).

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